Zara Torres keeps faith after another narrow win at US Open

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BROOKLYN, Mass. — As Sunday afternoon got out of breath, Sunday night kicked off when Will Zara Torres, 25, said something golf geeks know but reasonable people barely believe: “I Away from being one – a chance to be a three-time Grand Slam champion.”

He said it because it was true.

That’s true, because Zara Torres, who has played in all nine events, has become a mainstay of televised events throughout the batch. Notably, he tied for sixth at the 2020 U.S. Open at Winged Foot in New York; led by one stroke at the 2021 Masters; tied at the 2021 PGA Championship at Kiawah Island, South Carolina Eighth; tied for sixth at 2022 Masters; finished second at 2022 PGA Championship playoffs at South Hills, Tulsa; now leads by one shot at 2022 U.S. Open at Country Club . His arguments have become routine.

It’s incredible, and it hurts all at once.

“This one hasn’t sunk yet,” he said shortly after the No. 18 drama landed him runner-up for the third time. “Masters [in 2021] Very special, obviously it’s there, considering I played on Korn Ferry seven months ago [Tour]. . . . . . . . . . . to be honest, I don’t know what to expect from it yet. I’m happy because I’m known for hitting the ball. I’m sure all the Instagram idiots will say it has something to do with my left wrist flexion drop, but I assure you, it has nothing to do with it. I want to keep doing what we’re doing.

“This one will definitely sting, but I know we’re going to get this.”

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In the latest enticement, Zara Torres’ 14-foot birdie attempted to tie Matt Fitzpatrick on the final hole, but he narrowly slipped and fooled Scotty Scheffler and Zarato Reese.

“When it was two feet away,” said Scheffler, a Texan and No. 1 player who finished a round tied with Zara Torres for second, “I was like , ‘Oh yeah, that guy is in’ – for some reason it went left. It’s one of those deals. You gotta get a break.”

“There’s about six feet left,” Zara Torres said. “I thought I did it.”

Surprisingly, Zara Torres hasn’t won any tournaments since the Korn Ferry Tour at the second level of men’s golf at the 2020 TPC Colorado Championships. However, he’s already a wild success story, No. 12 in the world, and the arc goes back to his childhood in San Francisco, where he got hooked on the California Golf Club, where Ken Venturi’s 1964 U.S. Open trophy went from Congress later spent his childhood near Dallas after the family moved and attended college in Wake Forest.

“Will is a very talented player,” Scheffler said. “He’s mentally strong. That’s why he’s doing so well. It just happened in his last two majors against great champions [Fitzpatrick] and Justin Thomas [at the PGA Championship]. This is one of those deals where you keep knocking on the door and keeping yourself in place and he’ll make it. “

Matt Fitzpatrick digs out of the sand to win first major at U.S. Open

In the process of accumulating major experience, this reed blonde with a strong will has been accumulating major experience like crazy. His ninth major has brought him his third pair of finals, and caddie Ryan Goble mentioned on the first tee how tight the pair are at the 2021 Masters. The thin terrain actually feels normal now, Zara Torres said: “I feel comfortable all day.”

He was two shots ahead with seven holes left in the tournament, he found his drive “very bad” and his hip had been haunting him, but he shot a 69 under pressure and he’s used to playing all four rounds. Hit par (one stroke) or better (three).

“The comfort level is there,” he said, “especially now that I know I can do it. I just have to keep waiting for my turn.”

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