Wild trade proposal sends Kevin Durant to Boston Celtics

The 2022 NBA playoffs may still be strong, with the Boston Celtics going back and forth with the Miami Heat in this year’s Eastern Conference finals, but that hasn’t stopped people from concocting plans and discussing a hypothetical offseason they think can be reconciled Scenarios, in some cases should happen.

Even though they have a good chance of advancing after this round and reaching the NBA Finals for the first time in more than a decade, there are still many who believe that the Clovers should strongly consider making some sizable adjustments this coming summer for the better Position yourself to move forward for continued success.

The suggested tweaks seem to vary, from undervalued free-agent pursuits to full-blown blockbuster deals. Regarding the latter route, most of the proposed trades are absolute pipe dreams, and recently, the folks at the NBA Analysis Network have concocted an incredibly bizarre proposal that would make the Boston Celtics the Brooklyn Nets One of the greatest players the team has ever had. , Kevin Durant.

The proposed transaction is as follows:

nets get

Jaylen Brown

Al Horford

Writer James Piercy cited the incredibly threatening duo that formed from the trade, arguing that the firepower that Durant and Jayson Tatum will provide the C team could prove otherworldly, so, Suffice it to say parting ways with Jaylen Brown, especially if they don’t make it to the championship game:

For the Celtics, this trade would be all bets right now. The duo of Durant and Jayson Tatum should be unstoppable in 2022-23. Like, the duo of Beatatum and Brown has been unstoppable.

Breaking up with Brown wasn’t easy.the celtic [team’s] “Build, not buy” buildings are likely something their management is proud of. However, in pursuit of an NBA championship, they must accept certain offers.

Kevin Durant’s offer may qualify.

Now, for us at HH, this proposal is a crazy one for a number of reasons.

One, while the Jays weren’t believed to coexist over the years, the All-Stars have proven time and time again that they are not only capable of playing well alongside each other, but, as a result, have led the Boston Celtics over the past six years. The Man team has reached the Western Conference finals four times and is three games away from advancing to that point.

Second, let’s say the deal does happen. Not only will their core base obviously get older (KD is seven years older than JB), but financially, they will dent their salary cap situation as Durant expects to be at the end of his contract through the next four seasons. A staggering $54.7 million was paid for him in one year.

Brown, on the other hand, earns much less ($29.7 million) and has only two years left on his contract. And, even if the Boston Celtics will get rid of Al Horford’s massive trade, let’s not forget that at the end of next season, it’s all off the books, and his 2022-23 salary is only partially guaranteed.

Third, Durant is indeed a world-class talent when healthy, but the problem is that over the past three seasons, he has only played in 90 of 226 regular-season games due to injuries. He’ll be 34 once the 2022-23 season begins, and his age, plus his mileage (15-year NBA veteran), and recent health issues will only become more worrisome as time goes by.

Finally, four… Kevin Durant is simply not going to ask to leave Brooklyn anytime soon, and frankly, that’s the only way he’s been traded by the team.

While they were only swept by the Boston Celtics in the first round, this happened in a year where their rotation was constantly spinning, so no real chemistry was built, and their No. 3 star Ben Simmons was also eliminated. . Brooklyn is going all out for a championship and has been developing chemistry throughout the offseason, and hopefully for them they’re healthy and the Nets will likely be back in the championship mix again.

With this last point, KD is almost certainly not going anywhere, and with the first three points, Massachusetts is unlikely to be a landing spot if he gets moved.

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