Why I no longer feel safe as a woman after Johnny Depp-Amber hears verdict

Women’s rights are dead, and we’ve killed it. For every TikTok cosplay, signal to noise ratio Sketches and ‘Team Johnny’ tip jar, spectacle of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard libel trial not only exposes people’s underlying misogyny, but gives us a disturbing glimpse into how #MeToo has been wiped like a stain dropped world. A world where domestic abuse has been flattened into a commodity.

The seven-week trial begins shortly after reports that the Supreme Court plans to overturn Roe v Wade: A landmark abortion case that, if overturned, would result in women’s reproductive rights and autonomy being overruled by the opinions of a dozen white men.like a potential rollback roethe recent trial verdict of Johnny Depp has had a dire impact on women, especially.

For example, we’ve seen hashtags like #MeToo, which used to be a rallying cry for women to speak out about their powerful abusers, but through parodies like #MePoo, turned into a teenage mockery of Heard. Some might say it’s just Hurd as an individual, but if mocking #MeToo has become the norm in the process, how can any abused woman feel comfortable speaking out in its name?

The verified #MeToo Twitter account also took notice, organizers said in a post official statement During the trial, the way the label was “selected and manipulated” was “one of the biggest slurs against the movement they’ve ever seen”.

It’s not even five years old, but the fact that people feel jokes about #MeToo, especially against women, shows that the movement, at least for anti-feminists, is completely outdated. We might tell ourselves we’re more enlightened than we were in 2017, and feminism has progressed since then, but with “alpha male” podcasts like Jordan Peterson and Joe Rogan becoming mainstream entertainment, it’s clear that, The idea of ​​misogyny, once thought to be controlled by a few, is slowly coming back into the mainstream and on the tip of the tongue of too many men.

Many have defended their tireless campaign against Amber Heard by saying they are looking for male victims of domestic abuse. But if they were, they would realize that the effects of this trial were actually bad for them too. That’s because, technically, it’s not the exact question at issue whether Depp abused Heard or vice versa — the debate is whether an op-ed written by Heard constituted defamation.

Seeing what Hurd went through, the other victims’ worst fears of being suspected were confirmed in their eyes.

This trial may not set a legal precedent, but in everyday life, it’s another story. One of the most common things abusers say to their victims is “no one will believe you” – arguably, the results of the Amber Heard defamation case show that no matter how credible it is, to be in the most public and humiliating way possible Facts you may have evidence. Seeing what Hurd went through, the other victims’ worst fears of being suspected were confirmed in their eyes. Even in its broadest sense, it can make people reluctant to speak out about their experiences. Remember: Heard that Depp’s name was never used in her column.

The disturbing, chilling effects on domestic abuse victims have nothing to do with gender: but the attack on Amber Heard was. Whether she’s telling the truth to Depp (and if we’re telling the truth, we’ll never really know because we’re not there), there’s no denying that the backlash she’s going through under the guise of “accountability” is unprecedented. While all have been charged with sexual crimes or domestic abuse, Kevin Spacey, Chris Brown and Woody Allen have never faced the same level of scrutiny. Brown continued to release records, Spacey continued to perform, and Allen continued to direct. Of course, their allegations are public knowledge, but they have never experienced anything close to the levels of pure sulfuric acid that were directed against Hurd. There are doubts that she will ever work in the industry again.

Amber Heard testifies in Fairfax County Circuit Court on May 5, 2022 in Fairfax, Virginia.

Jim Lo Scalzo/AFP/Getty

Now that the trial is over, you might think the fanatical pro-Depp activists are supporting other male victims of abuse, like Brendan Fraser, Terry Crews or Matthew McConaughey. they are not. Instead, they’re giving full support to Marilyn Manson and demonizing Evan Rachel Wood, who last year shared horrific accounts of her alleged abuse at the hands of Manson during their relationship. It’s likely just a coincidence, but if this emerging model is acceptable, the #TeamJohnny movement is less about domestic violence justice and more about silencing women.

Regardless, the fact that people are willing to put millions of women at risk for something as trivial as an actor they love shows just how weak feminism, female allies and the response to #MeToo really is. This shows that women’s rights are no longer a precarious issue. It’s in the gutter.

When I saw on Twitter that the trial was coming to an end, I was relieved. I think after seven weeks of the most horrific misogyny I’ve ever seen, all of this can finally come to an end, and then we can scramble to try and remove at least some of the harmful information this trial and its audience have instilled. But I realize now that this is just the beginning. 2022 will be remembered as a year when women’s status as permanent toys, punching bags and second-class citizens was stronger than ever. Not only did I lose confidence as a woman. I’m scared.


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