Who is DC’s Isis?Comic book origins explored ahead of potential DCEU debut in Black Adam

direct current black adam Will introduce superhero Isis into the DCEU. Adriana Tomaz, who will be played by Sarah Shahi, will make her film debut here after making her live-action debut in season 10. Smallville. Her role in the film will be tied to Intergang, an organization associated with the New Gods in every way.

Black Adam and Isis have quite a history in the comics. Isis first appeared with Captain Marvel, although different versions of her have appeared in comic books over the years. Andriana Tomaz is the latest, and it looks like the film will follow her path. So, let’s learn more about this character.

Origins and details of Isis explored in appearance black adam

Adriana Tomaz in the comics (image via DC Comics)Adriana Tomaz in the movie (Image via Warner Bros. Pictures)Adriana Tomaz in the movie (Image via Warner Bros. Pictures)Adriana Tomaz in the comics (image via DC Comics)

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Beginning in 1975, Isis and her on-screen counterparts have a fascinating history of anglicizing her name from Adrianna Tomaz to Andrea Thomas (Andrea Thomas) for CBS Saturday Morning’s superhero section, later filled with Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman https://t.co/n1Tcwrm7LF

do not know black adam Considering she’s a member of Intergang, and the movie revolves around Adam’s resurrection, the character’s exact origin story will follow.However, when will we find out black adam In theaters October 21, 2022.


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