What are the best phone brands for Android updates?

A whopping 71.34% of mobile phones use Android, iOS has 27.85% market share, and Samsung has 0.42% market share. To date, the operating system is used by approximately 1,300 brands and more than 24,000 different device models, underscoring the intense competition among players in the field.

Due to market saturation, Android phones are not created equal. Some of the larger brands are updated earlier than others, and they can use this as a major selling point. It also helps them compete with Apple devices, which are updated on a more ad hoc basis.

Which Android phones are best for updating?

There are a lot of things to consider when picking out a new smartphone. Most users look at the specs and check that the camera and screen resolution are satisfactory. They will also think about the design and understand how user-friendly it is. Many people are unlikely to consider whether the device they hold will get an update before everyone else. However, this is something that smartphone brands are now starting to tout. In such a fierce industry, it helps companies if they can gain an edge in any way possible.

As Android continues to evolve and improve, the operating system is regularly updated. Whenever new software is released, there is a race among Android-based mobile developers to get the update to users first. Some brands now advertise that they can guarantee their devices will be updated on time. Others have a fresh update out of the box.

Samsung is the world’s leading smartphone developer, but it has a reputation for failing to keep its devices up to date. However, the company has promised to fix the issue, promising four years of security updates for its Galaxy devices released after 2019.

Google is another top-rated update brand, which isn’t surprising given the way the tech giant is sponsoring Android. Experts recommend the Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro to ensure timely updates.

Why is the Android operating system so important?

The Android operating system has become the standard for all non-Apple devices around the world, making it important to billions of people. One of the reasons it has managed to achieve this global dominance is its seamless integration on devices. It uses free and open source software, which means that developers can easily create applications that can run on it.

The fact that the Google Play app store has the most apps, with 3.48 million products, underscores Android’s dominance. The Apple App Store lags behind, with only 2.22 million. This shows that many apps created for Android can cross over to iOS, but many of them are unique to Android.

Android has become the quintessential mobile experience, offering many players a more reliable path to gaming. Fans of all branches of the game know that the games they want to be involved in will most likely be available on Android. For example, top-rated games like Rockstar Games’ GTA San Andrea, Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends, and Epic Games’ Fortnite are all playable on Android smartphones and tablets.

Also, in the huge online casino industry, players usually focus on one important aspect when choosing the best online casino, which is the mobile experience. These sites need to work well on mobile devices, and the app versions of online casino sites are often simplified using the Android operating system. It allows developers to make pages with easy navigation and smooth performance.

Because there are so many developers around the world developing apps for Android, this helps the technology stay on the cutting edge. Whenever there are updates and innovations, these are shared among all the different users. Android is already ahead of iOS, and the gap is likely to widen further in the future.

Because Android updates are getting faster and offer exciting new features as they do, it’s important to choose a mobile device that will receive these updates on a regular basis. Getting flagships from major players is the surest way to get these updates every time.

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