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Streaming is big business, with millions of people watching online stars play their favorite games every day. For those lucky few who manage to build and maintain an audience, millions of dollars can be earned. In a recently leaked Twitch earnings report, the Influencer Marketing Center reported that streamer PewDiePie was making an estimated $40 million in annual revenue.

However, for every celebrity earner, there are thousands more who earn very little. Making a living from streaming requires strict schedules and discipline, just like a full-time job. If you want to do this professionally, then you need to make some big decisions. It inevitably comes down to deciding whether you should stream on Twitch or YouTube.

Is Twitch or YouTube best for content?

While both can be streamed live, there are some fundamental differences between them. YouTube is designed for pre-made videos, but it also offers live streaming. So if you plan to create evergreen content along with streaming, perhaps making how-to guides and walkthroughs, YouTube might be a better choice. Twitch is better for live streaming, whether it’s games, talk shows, or other forms of entertainment.

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Which is stricter?

You should also pay attention to the type of content you post. Both platforms have strict rules on how people perform and act on their platforms. Some high-profile streamers have switched from Twitch to YouTube due to content disputes.

PewDiePie himself and popular streamer Dr Disrespect also took action. Not surprisingly, many users follow their favorite streamers to their new platform, as many fans have built communities around their favorite characters. According to competitive gaming site, the streamer even faced dismissal for showing clips of other banned members. If Twitch believes it has violated its terms of service, even the highest earners will kick it out without warning.

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Is Twitch or YouTube the best way to make money?

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Both platforms offer multiple ways for streamers to make money. In the beginning, you will only be able to make money on Twitch if you are invited to become a partner. The standard entry is that you must stream a certain number of hours per week. However, the total is not much, especially if you hope to make a living out of it.

They also allow creators to monetize their ads, reducing their revenue from the ads they choose to display. However, including too much can turn viewers off and go elsewhere. Another option Twitch offers are affiliate links at the bottom of the screen.

Twitch also allows creators to get tips and donations from viewers. Credit Donkey estimates that 500 regular viewers is the optimal amount to monetize, roughly $3.50 per 1,000 views. Although YouTube has a similar setup, donations are not that common in its platform culture.

best growth platform

Twitch viewers are generally more fluid and will switch between videos when looking for entertainment. As a beginner, this can be an advantage when you’re trying to build an audience. When planning for growth, you should also consider your geographic location. YouTube is one of the most banned sites on the planet, so you could miss out on a lot of potential followers or even get started.

So if you’re purely streaming, Twitch is the best place to start. But for more freedom in content creation and language and behavior, YouTube comes out on top.

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