Top three picks seen as ‘number one target’ for Celtics


Ime Udoka, Boston Celtics

Wing depth has been a potential issue for the Boston Celtics this season, especially in games where Jayson Tatum or Jaylen Brown are sidelined with injury.

For a lineup built on versatile scorers on the wing, Boston’s second unit often struggles to maintain offensive intensity if none of their star duos are on the floor. Granted, the personal development of Grant Williams, Marcus Smart and Robert Williams have all helped alleviate this to some extent, but it’s clear the team needs an extra body, preferably one Someone who can handle the ball and score on all three levels.

Otto Porter Jr., currently playing for the Golden State Warriors, is heading to the NBA Finals, and if the Celtics are successful with the Miami Heat, they could be their opponents. According to Bleacher Report’s Zach Buckley, Porter Jr. should be considered the “number one target” for the Celtics in their upcoming free agency period.

“His 8.2 points per game won’t jump off the page, but his 46.4/37.0/80.3 field goal percentages are worth watching at every level. According to, he’s averaging a career-high 9.3 points per 36 minutes. rebounding, which also underscores his effectiveness as a rhythm-changing small-ball center. If Porter’s uneven injury history is any guide to his next contract, the Celtics who offer it may be sensible,” Barkley wrote.

Ime Udoka has a reputation for favoring veterans throughout his rookie season as head coach, so adding Porter Jr. may be a smart move for Boston, who believe he’ll get the minutes necessary to improve their game Alternate lineup.

What did Porter Jr. bring?

Looking back at Porter Jr.’s career, it’s easy to get confused about how often he switched from one team to another, failing to stick to one place despite his relative youth at 28. However, the St. Louis native is a versatile guard who can easily slide a spot up and down the perimeter while bragging about his size and length if switched to a big man position.

Offensively, Porter Jr. has excelled for most of his career, especially in the short mid-range (the drop zone) and from beyond the arc, where he averaged 3.3 field goal attempts per game was 39.8%. In the Warriors’ current playoff run, Porter Jr. has also proven that he can press the rim and complete his shots from the high post, with the veteran wing completing 78 percent of his shots within 4 feet of the rim. field goal percentage.

You can also expect some secondary possession on the Warriors’ flanks, as demonstrated by his 1.5 assists per game average throughout his career, although not every pass is known to be an assist — it doesn’t Lower the value of the flanks who can handle the rocks and push the pace.

Overall, Porter Jr. is primarily used as a catch-and-shoot outlet or game-ending finisher, as we’ve seen with Jaylen Brown for most of this season.

How likely is Porter Jr. to join Boston?

Now, Porter Jr. is an ideal situation. He played for a team fresh from the NBA Finals and played a vital role in the rotation, a team designed to perfectly accentuate his strengths and put him in an impactful position. If the Warriors show interest in bringing him back next season, there’s a good chance he will re-sign with them, either to another one-year deal or a longer one.

But if the Celtics make it to the Finals and eventually win the championship, Porter Jr. may want to jump ship. A key swing factor will be playing with St. Louis native Jayson Tatum, who could move into the recruiting route and convince the veteran to head to the East.

Still, after a solid season in San Francisco, there will be plenty of teams approaching potential trades once Porter Jr. becomes a free agent, however, not all of them will be as capable as the Warriors and Kyle. The Jets provide consistency and a high level of competition, so it could be a two-horse race.

Of course, Boston needs to get their affairs in order and wrap up the Eastern Conference finals on May 27th before this situation can begin to bear fruit.


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