Top 10 best Call of Duty maps of all time

Call of Duty has some of the most iconic maps in FPS history. Here are ten of the best and most iconic maps in our list of the series.

Posted on June 18, 2022

Call of Duty has been a staple of the FPS genre for over two decades, and during that time, the series has seen plenty of new additions, including several maps. However, of all the maps that have been rolled out over time, only a few can be marked as iconic.

It’s worth noting that maps considered the best in the series also tend to return in later installments. Sometimes they return as multiplayer maps, and sometimes they may appear in certain parts of the battle royale map. Either way, they were chosen for their iconic status and great design.

The 10 Best Maps in the Call of Duty Series

In this guide, we’ve listed the best Call of Duty maps. You’ll notice some trends between the selections; most notably the number of maps from the same era. Others, on the other hand, come down to their popularity. However, there is often a reason why they keep returning year after year.

Every map on the last one usually follows the classic three-lane map that Call of Duty has mastered in some of their Golden Age maps. Also, they are considered some of the most fun to play in general. Additionally, many of these maps will promote the fast-paced gameplay that Call of Duty is known for.

10 – High Floor

Top 10 Top 10 Best Call of Duty Map Cod Game Series at High Level
The upper floors are a stunt shooter’s paradise. (Image: Activision)

From Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Highrise is one of the game’s fan favorites. Some generic map designs make it an explosive game, but it has the advantage that only another map can match it.

Due to its many vantage points, Highrise is known as one of the best fast-range or trick-shooting maps. You can jump off the side of a building, climb onto a roof, or climb a crane. They all take their time to move on and provide depth.

9 – crash

Crash Best Call of Duty Map Cod Game Series Top 10 Ranking
Steep sight lines and helicopters define the map. (Image: Activision)

Call of Duty 4 was a game-changer for multiplayer, and Crash was one of the game’s defining maps. A crashed helicopter in the center and lots of playable angles make the map exciting every time.

8 – Terminal

Terminal Best Call of Duty Map Cod Series Top 10 Games
Fans remember the cluttered flat sections and open spaces. (Image: Activision)

Modern Warfare 2 is a content machine for some of the best maps in the series, and alongside Rust, Terminal can be considered the poster child for the lineup. Not only is this map more spacious than the average Call of Duty map of the era, but each area offers a unique style. For example, battles in airplanes are different from battles in libraries and halls.

7 – Confrontation

Standoff Best Call of Duty Map Cod Game Series Top 10
Standoff is an overall well-designed competitive map. (Image: Activision)

Standoff is the first Black Ops 2 map on the list, which should come as no surprise. Black Ops 2 is still considered one of the most competitive Call of Duty games today due to balance and available content. Almost every map is well designed and fun.

6 – Shooting House

Shooting House Best Call of Duty Map Cod Game Series Top 10 Ranking
One of the best in modern times. (Image: Activision)

As the only New Age original map on this list, Shoot House was released to critical acclaim in Modern Warfare 2019. It’s a perfect blend of three-lane map design and variety within the map’s range. This map is undoubtedly the most popular, even if there are other classic maps available.

5 – Shipment

Top 10 Rankings of the Best Call of Duty Map Cod Game Series by Shipment
Chaos is the name of the game in Shipment. (Image: Activision)

This map is also in Modern Warfare 2019, and its popularity rivals that of Shoot House. But the developers originally rolled out the map with Call of Duty 4 in the original version of Modern Warfare.

As one of the smallest maps of any COD game, players love Shipment for the chaos it brings to multiplayer. It’s used for clipping and camo grinding, and it’s likely to be in Call of Duty for nearly three years in a row.

4 – Raid

Raid Best Call of Duty Map Cod Game Series Top 10 Ranking
Perhaps the best example of a three-lane map. (Image: Activision)

Compared to the three maps below on the list, Raid is probably the best map for competition. Each of the three lanes is different, and it’s probably the best use of these lanes in the series. Overall, it’s just a solid map without a lot of flaws.

3 – Shooting Range

Shooting Range Best Call of Duty Map Cod Game Series Top 10
One of Treyarch’s defining maps. (Image: Activision)

Our first Black Ops 1 map on the list, Firing Range, could be arguably the number one spot, depending on the individual. The map offers the perfect combination of sight lines, lanes, and close combat for intense gameplay.

2 – Rust

Rust Best Call of Duty Map Cod Game Series Top 10 Ranking
Quick scoping was born on this map. (Image: Activision)

The last two maps are easily interchangeable, but Rust lacks as much in terms of basic design. Rust comes in second as one of the most iconic maps of all time, and a custom match with friends probably doesn’t get much better. Quickscoping is really famous on this map.

1 – Nuclear Town

Nuketown Call of Duty Map
Nuketown has undergone several overhauls in the Call of Duty franchise. (Image: Activision)

Nuketown was an obvious choice, it didn’t matter at all. Whether or not it’s overused and added to just about every Treyarch, it’s the most interesting map. It can be used for fun custom games, fast-paced competitive matches and intense 1v1 games. No doubt we will see this map in the years to come.

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Featured image courtesy of Activision.

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