There’s no reason to own an NBA draft lottery ticket

Paul is bitter about the NBA draft lottery and thinks it’s time to leave it.

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Paul’s NBA Draft Lottery Big Picture

Dylan Blair: Are you going to take the same route this week, fall? Otherwise what? What are you going to teach people this week? Lottery draft?

Paul Rochon: I’ll be pissed off as usual. All my big pictures are negative. I’m always complaining about something, I’m Mr. Complainer. I will be very outspoken. There are a lot of things in sports that I don’t like, they don’t make much sense, either in terms of rules or structure.

But few things in sports are as stupid as draft picks and lottery tickets. draft lottery Definitely the bottom of the bucket on a logical scale. Let’s start with what the draft lottery should do.

Draft Lottery Intent

What are their intentions? All of you watching and following at home will say, oh, they should prevent tanks. We don’t want the team to just take the No. 1 pick. It’s really the only goal since there aren’t any other logical goals, but they don’t do it at all. They don’t do their only goal.

The first team to win the lottery, or sorry, the first league to win the lottery.this NBAI believe in 1985, that was a long time ago, because they were worried about the popularity of tanks, they saw the team tank and got the No. 1 pick and then went on to win the championship.

I think houston Did do that, but it didn’t work. The NBA has more tanks than any other league. They have been playing the lottery the longest and they are the first to do so. As we all know, Sam Hinkie lead a tank marathon Philadelphia 76erswhere they fielded G League rosters for several years in a row.

Too bad he has to be a tank martyr. The NBA forced him to resign because the league thought it was a black mark on them, a black eye. Having a lottery ticket forever didn’t stop him. They’ve tweaked their lottery system a million times, especially considering the Sixers.

it does nothing

The odds are now the same for the top three teams. It doesn’t do anything because at the end of the day, higher picks are still better. Even if you’re not guaranteed a No. 1 pick, if you’re nowhere near a contender, you’re still hoping for a better pick.

Not to mention, there’s always going to be some naturally bad teams that don’t perform well and go down in tough times.Teams that go all out for the championship, whether they fail or not, whether you are lakers or are you scissors, whether you succeed or not, you will eventually have cap space. And you’re going to have to sweep the assets, and you’re not going to be good.

I don’t think the Lakers are going to be good anytime soon.I think a lot of people objected after that LeBron James Already done. It doesn’t protect against tanks, not in any movement. So if it doesn’t achieve its primary goal, it’s useless because it doesn’t act as a deterrent.

The problem is that it’s actually a punishment. You are punishing the underperforming team.look at that piston. The reason I’m asking this question, the reason why this topic is important right now will appeal to a lot of people, especially in Detroit Look, because the Pistons inexplicably dropped a 5 for no reason at all.

didn’t help the pistons

They are not a very good team. One of the worst teams in the NBA. Last year, they got the No. 1 overall pick, and that’s how bad they were. And they haven’t really improved that much this season.

They fell out of the top three completely.They think there’s a chance to get the No. 1 pick they’ll get Paul Banchero or a Chet Holmgren.

But no, they’ve been at five o’clock.they are praying Jaden Ivey fall, or they will get Keegan Murray From Iowa. It doesn’t make any sense.

All you’re doing is you’re saying, well, we recognize you’re a really bad team, but if you’re unlucky, we’re not going to give you to actually rebuild this thing and be a good team.

You see, that’s not to say you can’t get value anywhere else.we talked about Golden State Earlier in this cast, take a look at where their great players came from and where they were drafted. 7, 12 in the second round with Draymond Green. I would say around 20, 21 Jordan Pooleright?

Draft lottery punishes teams

These are not high draft picks. There are many ways to build teams that won’t hold back tanks. You’re punishing teams that are aggressively doing really bad. And you’re also introducing randomness into the sport.

Randomness is never good, you can never eliminate it. There will always be bad, backlash, bad referees.

You always get lucky or lucky in the draft. Introducing more randomness into a movement that already has a lot of luck in it doesn’t get us a better product. This does not improve viewability.look at that balanceand see how they got it Tim Duncan. The Spurs had a season of injury problems.

They’re not even the worst team in the league.I think they are the 3rd or 4th worst record NBA. They got lucky with the No. 1 pick, then they got Tim Duncan, and then the Spurs had a mini-dynasty.

They are rewarded for being injured at the right time. And then on top of that, they were lucky enough to get into the No. 1 pick and be able to get Tim Duncan.

How does your lottery system help anyone out there? But how does this affect us? It doesn’t make any sense. And I don’t like things that don’t make sense. This is the big picture.

didn’t help the 76ers

We are all about logic, we are all about reasoning. We are all doing things. The best we can do. There is no perfect system.

Yes, it’s kind of annoying when you look at it 76ers Not even filling seats, not doing anything, not even trying to fill the roster, they got a bunch of No. 1 picks. But what did the 76ers do with it? Anyway, they totally screwed up.

Who cares, man? I mean they’ve been contenders for years. How are they doing? They have to watch cancer, right?

they have to watch Ben Simmons, they ranked first overall. See how they are. They kicked him out. They trade him away so they can wash off the fat, James Harden.

How does that look to them as they watch Harden go home with zero shots in the second half of a life-and-death playoff game?

You never stop the tank. It doesn’t solve any problems. Get rid of the lottery. They don’t make sense. Stop punishing bad teams when it doesn’t do the league any favors.

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