The top three things the Blazers need to enter the 2022 NBA draft

The Portland Trail Blazers narrowly missed their championship window. Mrs. Lillard, 31, has missed 29 games this season due to injury. The group chose to use it as the Year of Reconstruction and handed over the reigns to Anfernee Simons. A 27-55 record took the team out of the playoffs and a 7th overall pick in the draft. While the lottery may not have been lost, Portland also holds No. 36 and No. 57.

The Blazers will be looking for a radical turnaround this year as they look to make the most of Mrs Lillard’s remaining prime time. The draft may not provide them with the top talent they hoped for, but there is still a chance to fill some needs. Below are the selected maximum target areas.

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The top three things the Blazers need to enter the 2022 NBA draft

Star Potential

As the Blazers continue to recover lost ground this year, it’s clear they’re looking for a top pick. The odds were against them, and Portland took the No. 7 pick in the draft. Judging by Mrs. Lillard’s reaction, this was clearly not what he had hoped for.

Regardless, the team has to deal with the cards they receive and take advantage of this. While the first three choices are somewhat clear, the next few have more suspense. The Blazers are looking for another star, and that shouldn’t change with the No. 7 pick. Portland is doing well outside of the top five and has to hope that continues. Mrs. Lillard was the No. 6 pick and CJ McCollum was the No. 10 pick.

Look for the Blazers to pick the players they think have the most potential. Whether that ends up being someone who can help the team now, being part of the team’s future in the post-Lillard era, or ending up being a trade for a missing player; the logic has to stay the same. Keep an eye out for Shaedon Sharpe and Bennedict Mathurin if they choose to swing on the fence, though Portland will certainly support the top prospect’s fall.

forward who can score

As great as Mrs. Lillard is, he cannot carry the burden of the offense alone. Since the LaMarcus Aldridge days, Lillard has had a solid big man he can count on to score. While players like Nic Batum and Carmelo Anthony have come and gone, there hasn’t been a solid enough option to help the team. CJ McCollum is a very good player who works well with Lillard, however, their similar playstyles and positions sometimes repeat. Anfernee Simons is coming off an impressive year, but a similar criticism could apply.

The best way to start Lillard’s game is to provide him with a forward who can score reliably. The Blazers lack shot-creation in the lineup, and adding a forward with that ability would go a long way to opening things up. It’s not the easiest skill to find, but the Blazers have to be on the hunt.

defending the big man

When looking ahead to next season’s roster, the Blazers largely lack size. Greg Brown is the only big man to return next season. While Portland may be eyeing some free-agent targets, there are plenty of options in the draft. This class of rookies has several notable big men fit for the modern NBA, including some with second-round projections.

Christian Koloko, Walker Kessler and Trevion Williams are three names to watch. Koloko is particularly intriguing because he’s averaging 12.6 points, 7.3 rebounds and 2.8 blocks per game this season on a talented Arizona team. While they may not have the immediate impact Portland hoped, each of these guys has the potential to play rotation. Expect the Blazers to focus on a big man with a later draft pick.

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