The Best Controller Setups to Use in Apex Legends Season 13: Savior

To get the best controller setup in Apex Legends Season 13, players should make sure they configure the presets to suit their device.

Fast-paced competitive FPS games such as Apex Legends A high level of precision is required when it comes to controls, and getting one’s controller setup to meet the demands of high-performance gaming is critical to leveling up Season 13: Savior. Starting with the in-game controller presets, players are advised to use Evolved instead of Default.This layout might be a bit strange to some people Apex Legends players, but it offers convenience and benefits over the default settings.

With evolution, Apex Legends Controller users will be able to perform jumping and aiming at the same time. Additionally, this layout allows the player to crouch strafe while firing the gun. Naturally, the default layout will be the most familiar, as it is similar to the controller presets for other FPS games. However, Evolved combines movements well and can potentially reduce the stress of wrist movements. However, it may take some time for players to get used to the presets; therefore, it is recommended to practice on the training ground before starting the actual game.

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It should be noted that the “best” in-game controller settings Apex Legends Season 13 Just a suggestion. These settings should not be considered necessary for all players, as the options listed below are subjective and generic. therefore, Apex Legends Players are advised to mix and match their preferences in the settings to create the best personalized experience for their game.

The Best Controller Settings for Apex Legends Season 13

Controller Setup for Apex Legends Season 13

Here are the best controller settings Apex Legends exist Season 13: Savior:

Apex Legends General Controller Settings

  • Stick Layout: Default
  • Interact/Reload button: click to use and reload
  • Crouch button: toggle
  • Aim key: press and hold
  • Survival Slot Button: Off
  • Trigger dead zone: none
  • Menu cursor speed: 50

Apex Legends Move/Aim Settings

  • Appearance sensitivity: very high [5]
  • Appearance Sensitivity: Default [3]
  • Response Curve: Classic
  • Watch Dead Zone: None
  • Motion dead zone: small
  • Inverted Appearance: Off
  • Vibration: Off

Apex Legends Advanced Skin Controls

  • Custom Appearance Controls: On
  • Dead zone: 2%
  • External Threshold: 1%
  • Response curve: 7
  • Yaw Speed: 350
  • Pitch Speed: 350
  • Steering Extra Yaw: 0
  • Turn Extra Pitch: 0
  • Turning acceleration time: 0%
  • Turn on acceleration delay Apex Legends: 0%
  • ADS Yaw Speed: 130
  • ADS pitch speed: 100
  • ADS Steering Yaw: 0
  • ADS steering extra pitch: 0
  • ADS startup acceleration time: 0%
  • ADS startup acceleration delay: 0%

One last detail worth mentioning is that the player’s controller also affects their aiming and handling. Apex Legends Season 13For example, a less expensive third-party manufactured controller may require slightly different settings than an official Xbox or PlayStation genuine controller. Of course, having the best gaming gear isn’t always possible, but fans should keep these factors in mind when configuring their controller settings.

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Apex Legends Compatible with PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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