Jordan Peterson suspended from Twitter for post mentioning trans actor

Best-selling author and psychologist Jordan Peterson was banned from Twitter after he made comments related to transgender actors, his daughter Mikhail Peterson said on the platform. “Wow. @jordanbpeterson strikes on Twitter,” she said wrote. “Stop tweeting until he deletes this tweet. Currently @elonmusk is definitely not a free speech platform.” This Twitter post shows a … Read more

Bitcoin is a leadership role

Mickey Koss is a graduate of West Point Military Academy with a degree in Economics. He spent four years in the Infantry Regiment before transitioning to the Fiscal Regiment. Like it or not, being a part of this burgeoning community makes up a tiny minority of the global population. With the potential of this technology … Read more

How Roddy Ricch is influencing the tech world

Photo by Roddy Ricch in the desert. shooter ace Social media has had mixed results since its inception. It has been a force for great benefit and home to some of the most harmful interactions. Process exposure refers to social media campaigns in which influencers and users continually show audiences the creative process behind their … Read more

Jordan Peterson gets mad at swimsuit cover

Remember when Jordan Peterson said a few weeks ago that he left Twitter after receiving negative feedback from his unwarranted criticism of women’s bodies? Well, aside from tweeting almost every day, he didn’t miss that moment either. On a recent podcast with his daughter Mikhaila Peterson, known for dubious eating fads like the lion diet, … Read more

Jordan Peterson on Christianity, Suffering at Hillsdale College

Clinical psychologist Jordan B. Peterson speaks at commencement on May 7, 2022 at Hillsdale College, Michigan. | Courtesy of Emily Davis/Hillsdale College World-renowned clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson cited biblical records and spiritual metaphors in his commencement address to graduates of Hillsdale College, Michigan, to encourage students at critical times in their lives Be confident when … Read more

Jordan Peterson ponders the Bible and consciousness after death

go through Dan DelzellThe Christian Post Contributor | Saturday 28 May 2022 Clinical psychologist Jordan B. Peterson speaks at commencement on May 7, 2022 at Hillsdale College, Michigan. | Courtesy of Emily Davis/Hillsdale College Famed clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson became increasingly interested in the Bible. In a discussion on Joe Rogan’s podcast earlier this year … Read more

The Connection Between the Teachings of Socrates and Jordan Peterson’s “12 Rules”

Comment In 2013, I invited Jordan Peterson to my college who famously opposed Bill C-16 a few years ago. He was very gracious and gave an interesting talk based on his book Meaning Maps. Nonetheless, I secretly hoped that he would address the theme of his earlier lecture, “The Necessity of Virtue.” In that 2010 … Read more

Letter to the Editor: Thursday, May 26, 2022 | Viewpoint

Council needs to limit the number of Airbnbs Dear Editor: Regarding the popularity of Airbnb in Penticton, it seems that this trend is affecting many people who just want to live their lives. These are the people we need for entry-level jobs. Those who are now renovating or being forced to leave their homes for … Read more

Neurodiversity and elusive job tasks

Brown University economists Glenn Loury and Jordan Peterson recently discussed “cognitive … [+] inequality” and whether people with limited cognitive skills have a dignified place in the world of work. Glenn Loury, Substack (In a recent podcast, Jordan Peterson and Glenn Loury raised the question of whether jobs are available in the economy for people … Read more