Shazam believes in future Black Adam but not current Justice League One

The following contains spoilers dark crisis #1, DC Comics is out now.

when the justice league was Justice League #75, The only survivor is Black Adam. He told everyone on earth what had happened and what he had witnessed. The only reason the remaining heroes know they need to prepare for the latest crisis is entirely because of him. He has proven himself to the league and is thoroughly established as a member and hero. Still, there is one person who doesn’t trust him, even though they should.

When Jon Kent recruited his new Justice League members dark crisis #1 (by Joshua Williamson, Daniel Sampere, Alejandro Sánchez, and Tom Napolitano), Shazam asks if he is sure he wants to trust Black Adam. Considering Adam is the longtime nemesis of Billy Batson and the Shazam family, Billy’s skepticism would have been justified had it not been for his current status.

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exist Teen Titans Academy and recently Shazam! In the miniseries, Billy Batson trusts an alternate version of Black Adam who travels from the “Future State” timeline to prevent the end of the world. Doing so resulted in complications involving the Eternal Stone traveling to hell and interfering with Shazam’s powers. When all this was sorted out, the older Black Adam and Billy Batson both regained their full strength, while “Future Country” Adam was trapped in the teenager’s body.

The young Black Adam, named Teddy, was much more relaxed than his opponent. He and Billy are now basically Eternal Stone roommates and are helping Satan’s son learn how to control his apocalyptic powers. Which begs the question as to why Billy Batson can’t trust the current Adam when he’s already befriended and teamed up with the “Future Nation” version of the exact same person.

Although Black Adam was a villain until recently, Superman himself supported him as a member of the Justice League. This is actually the main reason why Jon Kent trusts Adam. However, even that clearly wasn’t enough for Billy, even as he and the Shazam family watched the former villain try to change for the better.just before starting infinite border, Billy and his allies are assisted by Black Adam. They even admitted that one day his good deeds would evolve into him becoming a full member of the Shazam family.

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So Billy had good reason to believe in the Black Adam of his day. He saw the progress Adam had made and became best friends with Teddy. Perhaps his words for Jon were inspired by Solomon’s wisdom, expressing the concerns of the wizard who gave power to Billy and his allies, rather than the feelings of Batson himself. But there may be a simpler explanation.

It may be too early for Shazam to fully believe his one-time nemesis. It is one thing to believe in Adam who has worked hard for a thousand years to become a hero.It’s another thing to believe that someone who nearly destroyed the world a few years ago in 2017 Doomsday Clock (Jeff Johns and Gary Frank). Although he is now a member of the Justice League, he still needs to exercise caution when dealing with Adam. His first allegiance will always be to the people of Kondak, not to the entire planet. Even his work as a hero is second only to his love and loyalty to his country.

It may be ironic that Shazam is best friends with one Black Adam and distrusts the other, but his attitude is not without merit. While his new perspective is selfless, there’s always the chance that an unforeseen circumstance could turn Adam into a villain again, especially with the Great Darkness now preying on the darkest desires of the DC Universe’s inhabitants.

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