Rory McIlroy’s major schedule: Here’s his last major win, PGA Championship history and more

Rory McIlroy has been one of the best golfers in the world for over a decade. The 33-year-old superstar regularly ranks in the top 10 globally and has spent considerable time on the overall list.

He also had a lot of success in major competitions in the early stages of his career. But in recent years, he has experienced a period of drought.

McIlroy has competed in a number of major events, but he hasn’t won a race since 2014. He will be looking to change that at the 2022 PGA Championship, which has been his best major in history.

Here’s what McIlroy has done in the majors and the PGA Championship as he prepares to tee off in a stacked trio with Tiger Woods and Jordan Spieth.

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How many majors has Rory McIlroy won?

McIlroy has four main events:

  • US Open
  • PGA Championship (twice)
  • British Open

When was the last time McIlroy won a major?

McIlroy hasn’t won a major in nearly eight years. In 2014, he won the PGA Championship at Valhalla Golf Club in Louisville, Kentucky.

McIlroy was one shot behind after the first round, but held the lead after 36 holes. He evaded tough competition from Phil Mickelson, Rickie Fowler and Henrik Stenson in the final round to win by one stroke and par on the 18th hole. He shot 16 under in the tournament, marking his second consecutive major title.

A breakdown of McIlroy’s four rounds at the event:

round Score (Meet the Standard) Overall score (attainment standard)
1 66 (under 5 years old) 66 (under 5 years old)
2 67 (under 4 years old) 133 (under 9)
3 67 (under 4 years old) 200 (under 13)
4 68 years old (under 3 years old) 268 (under 16)

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Did Rory McIlroy win the PGA Championship?

Not only did McIlroy win the PGA Championship, but he was the only two majors he won.

McIlroy first won the PGA Championship in 2012 at the Ocean Course at the Kiawah Island Golf Resort in Kiawah Island, South Carolina. He ran away at 11 under over the final two days of the tournament and won by eight strokes. That’s still the widest win gap at the PGA Championship.

A round-by-round breakdown of McIlroy’s performance in that game:

round Score (Meet the Standard) Overall score (attainment standard)
1 67 (under 5) 66 (under 5 years old)
2 75 (3 or more) 142 (2 times)
3 67 (under 5) 209 (under 7 years old)
4 66 (under 6 years old) 271 (under 13)

McIlroy also won the PGA Championship in 2014 at Valhalla Golf Club in Louisville, Kentucky. He shot 16 under and beat Phil Mickelson, Rickie Fowler and Henrik Stenson by one shot.

McIlroy’s scorecard breakdown from that game:

round Score (Meet the Standard) Overall score (attainment standard)
1 66 (under 5 years old) 66 (under 5 years old)
2 67 (under 4 years old) 133 (under 9)
3 67 (under 4 years old) 200 (under 13)
4 68 years old (under 3 years old) 268 (under 16)

Which major has Rory McIlroy not won?

McIlroy has yet to win the Masters, although he has come close on several occasions. He finished second in 2022, with Scottie Scheffler denying the Northern Irishman a career Grand Slam.

He has competed in the event every year since 2009 and has finished in the top 10 seven times in those 14 races.

McIlroy’s grades at Augusta:

year Finish score up to standard
2009 T-20 2 times
2010 T-69 (cut) 7 or more
2011 T-15 4 times
2012 T-40 5 or more
2013 T-25 2 or more
2014 T-8 even
2015 4 under 12
2016 T-10 1 or more
2017 T-7 3 times
2018 T-5 under 9
2019 T-21 5 times
2020 T-5 Under 11
2021 T-67 (cut) 6 or more
2022 2 under 7

Rory McIlroy majors schedule

McIlroy made his major tournament debut in 2007. He played in the British Open and tied for 42nd as a low amateur.

McIlroy made his debut at all other majors in 2009. Since then, he has played in all four majors every year, with two exceptions. He missed the 2015 British Open due to an ankle injury, and the 2020 event has been canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In 2011, McIlroy won his first major at the U.S. Open. He came out on top in the tournament, winning by eight strokes. He and Robert Garriggs became the fifth and sixth players to be under par in four rounds in a single U.S. Open tournament.

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McIlroy’s success came after winning the PGA Championship in 2012. He won his third and fourth consecutive majors at the British Open and PGA Championship in 2014.

All told, McIlroy played in 56 majors during his career. He has 24 top-10 finishes in those events: 7 at the Masters, 6 at the US Open, 6 at the PGA Championship, and 5 at the British Open.

McIlroy’s best games are the PGA Championship and the Masters. In those events, he missed a total of three cuts and won the PGA Championship twice. His best major season was in 2014, when he won the PGA and the British Open, tied for 8th at the Masters and tied for 23rd at the U.S. Open.

A rundown of each of McIlroy’s major wins, including win points to par and win margins:

Contest score up to standard win rate
2011 US Open under 16 8 stroke
2012 PGA Championship under 13 8 stroke
2014 British Open under 17 2 stroke
2014 PGA Championship under 16 1 stroke

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