Oh no!If it’s an audience, I don’t want to be popular

Here’s a weird traffic graph for my latest YouTube video.

You might want to congratulate me for a surprising traffic spike in the middle of the night, but don’t. Apparently, that’s when the magical YouTube algorithm started recommending videos to other people, and as the comments revealed, it brought in an influx of Peterson admirers.

You still can’t get 10,000 subscribers after all these years? ? ? JP just hit 5 million and growing. You are in the final stages of your life, stop being so jealous. By the way, you should watch JP’s interview with Roger Penrose and eat your heart out.

But here’s the thing: I don’t care about traffic. I’m watching the most popular videos in the media, it’s all trashy videos like Pewdiepie and the Paul brothers, and weirdly twisted animated kids videos designed to squeeze babies’ clicks. I’m content with my tiny niche. Luckily, I also have a real job, and the $50 a month my channel brings in isn’t bad.

Then there’s Peterson’s weak defense:

Peterson made it clear that what he said was highly speculative. If you’re going to criticize this person, at least do it honestly.

There is a full clip in my video where I point out that Peterson is using the word “speculation” as a jailbreak card. Useful speculation must be based on some empirical, testable framework. Peterson is lazy and doesn’t defend it.

Most commonly, however, are those who deny his transphobia (the thing that made him famous!) and have a knee-jerk hatred for social justice.

I realize that Peterson’s claims about consciousness moving up and down at the micro and macro levels are nonsense, but so are the allegations of transphobia by Peterson and Dawkins. Miles never really bothered to explain how they feared transgender. At least not in this video. If Miles had such a glaring blind spot, I think Miles should probably spend more time investigating his own biases and irrationalism than Peterson.

I think Peterson’s transphobic remarks have been so thoroughly covered elsewhere that I don’t have to discuss them and can focus on where he’s stupidly intruded into my area of ​​expertise, biology. I think I was wrong. Do I need to make the next video for this? I’d rather not do it because Peterson is such an idiot.

Of course, there are still hordes of anti-SJW clowns out there.

I won’t talk too much about Peterson, but here’s my question. PZ Myers is supposed to be a scientist, but he’s letting unscientific social justice seep in.

I’m helping a trans man overseas, helping him feed and fix his bike, so it’s not about hate or anything, but pronouns and polygender against scientific data.
It’s more a matter of ideas themselves, and social justice shouldn’t be confused with science.

That’s why I’m not happy, because if you’re a scientist, you shouldn’t have anything to do with something that isn’t science at all, it’s more like pseudoscience than real real science.

Disappointed with you PZ, I thought you would be better than that.

It’s really shameful, and I think it’s worse than what Peterson did.

what scientific data be opposed to Pronouns and having multiple genders? I suspect he can’t say anything.

I’m not surprised that some people think that Social justice should not be confused with sciencebut no problem at all with the irrational, injustice junk that Peterson randomly mixes in in his unscientific chatter.

I think I’m going to have to make more spider videos to wash away these clowns and reduce my traffic to where it should be.

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