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Tulsa, Oklahoma — Cameron Young has a chance to bring the Grand Slam champion back to the New York metro area.

Of course, Young, 25, grew up in the footsteps of his father, David, the longtime golf director of Sleep Hollow Country Club at Blaircliff Estate, who hopes to win the PGA Championship for himself and his family. family.

But Sunday’s victory would put Young at the top of a Metropolitan area player’s list of the greatest golf achievements of all time.

Young led the final round on Sunday at Nanshan, where he finished fourth and fourth after a 5-under 67 in the third round on Saturday. 9-under leader Mito Pereira trailed.

Considering that Dave’s 35 years as a PGA pro was not only his career, but also the springboard from which Cam started playing, the PGA victory means a lot to the Yangs.

Cameron Young

“It’s the PGA Championship, and it means a lot to me given my family’s connection to it,” Young said. “It is because of the PGA [my dad] Doing his work for the past few years. Without that, at Sleepy Hollow, I wouldn’t have started playing at age 4 or earlier. I don’t have growing access. I started playing PGA Juniors when I was nine or eight.

“Because of that organization, I’ve had a lot of golfing opportunities, and having the opportunity to go from the local PGA Junior Championships, the National PGA Junior Championships to the Junior Ryder Cups and even the PGA Championship is really cool to me. It’s always been with follow me.

“If I’m going to win a Grand Slam, I’m going to take any of those. It’s incredible to be here with my parents this week.

David Young, who coaches his son, and his wife Barbara were beaming as they sat on the wall outside the South Hills clubhouse after Cameron’s round.

“It was kind of unexpected,” David told The Post. “It’s something he’s been looking forward to for a long time. The PGA Championship is extra special to us. It’s a major championship and then being run by the organization I’ve been involved in for 35 years adds a little extra importance.

“We’ve all been lucky. I’ve been with Sleepy Hollow for over 20 years and they support everything I do and spend time with Cam. They’ve been very supportive of me. I’m sure not all pros are like my club Support me in extracurricular activities.

“I’m really, really lucky to play in the PGA of America and Sleepy gets the opportunity that Cam and I have.”

Now, Cam, who is in his rookie year on the PGA Tour, has a chance to change his life with Sunday’s victory. He’s already had an incredible first year, three runners-up and third, and he’s making his first Masters entry, though he missed the cut.

“I feel like I’m in the middle of a great golf, and it feels like I’m supposed to,” Cam said.

“You can’t help but dream,” David Young said of the potential victory. “He’s got a real chance. He’s been playing really well and hasn’t surprised everyone yet that Sunday. But he deserves it. He’s had a lot of good results this year and he’s just waiting for that hot round of Sunday. The game is coming.

The highlight of Cam’s third round came on the short par-4 17th, when he hit a 4-wood on the green and made a putt that put the Eagles at 5 under. David Young stood on the green to witness it all.

“I’m on the green ready to tee off,” David said. “I was right behind the ball and putt hole and I saw the putt disappear. I might have actually started in that spot.

If his son wins his first major, maybe David Young has a reason to jump a little higher on Sunday.


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