New Call of Duty: Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 leaked surfaces

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has been confirmed to arrive later this year, and as the release date approaches, more leaks and rumors of Infinity Ward’s upcoming release surface.

A recent report suggests that Activision’s official launch for Modern Warfare 2 is set for June, while the multiplayer beta could be released in August. However, that didn’t stop the leaker from revealing some of these details early.

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On May 18, the famous Call of Duty leaker TheMW2Ghost make a statement on twitter They’ve seen the upcoming map, which they believe will be used for Warzone 2 and the rumoured DMZ mode of Modern Warfare 2, which leakers believe is an Escape from Tarkov-inspired survival mode. MW2 ghost Shared a simple map layout on Twitterwhich they say is recreated from the actual map image.

The leaker’s image doesn’t offer much detail, but it shows a large river running the length of the map, with a lake to the east. There are some padlock and weapon icons marked on the map, but it’s unclear what exactly they will represent this new title.

On May 17, YouTuber NerosCinema leaked potential information about Warzone 2 on his YouTube channel, claiming to be changing how load drops will work for the Battle Royale sequel. While loadouts are expected to remain in Warzone 2, NerosCinema believes the method of securing them will change with the introduction of a new feature called Strongholds. According to this leak, loadout drops will be locked behind the stronghold feature, and players will have to complete a set of quests or objectives to access their loadouts. Normal ground loot is still available, but leaks suggest that strongholds will offer players the only way to get custom loadouts in this Warzone sequel.

As such, the padlocks on the map imagery drawn by TheMW2Ghost may mark potential fortress locations in Warzone. The NerosCinemas leak was also Confirmed by journalist and leaker Tom Henderson“I won’t beat around the bush, but a lot of it is true,” Henderson tweeted. “I’m assuming there are some discrepancies because the source doesn’t remember the exact details…but yeah, the leak was over the loading station, it seems.”

Other leaks from NerosCinemas suggest that the Battle Royale sequel will be more like Black Ops 4’s Blackout than Modern Warfare 2019’s Warzone. The armor plates are still available, but the YouTuber’s source says players will need to find a satchel to carry them, which is more in favor of Blackout’s armor system. As with Blackout, players are advised to have a gear pack with limited inventory space. NerosCinemas suggests that additional guns can also be stored in the bag, but will take up more inventory space than other items, leaning toward a more traditional battle royale inventory management experience.

Warzone 2 may be in development as a hybrid between Blackout and Warzone, but as always, rumors should be taken with a grain of salt, and details can always change before release. Here, we break down all the Modern Warfare 2 details, which highlight everything we know about Warzone 2 so far.

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