New Apex Legends mobile update adds Loba to Legend roster

Last week’s Diamonds in the Snow event seemed to suggest that the translocation thief known as Loba — who initially debuted on console and PC in Season 5 — could be the next Legendary to join the Apex Legends Mobile roster of characters. A game update was released today confirming that Loba will indeed be coming to Apex Mobile in Season 2.

After installing the update and opening the game, the player will see Loba’s avatar in the legend selection screen. But unlike other Legends that players may not have unlocked yet, Loba cannot currently be unlocked in any way, even with Syndicate Gold, the mobile game version’s Apex Coins, Premium Items, Battle Passes, and the character’s primary in-game currency.

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While no official patch notes have been released, moderators in the developer-supported Apex Mobile subreddit have confirmed some of the changes this latest update brings — and some players can expect in the near future.

In addition to Loba’s avatar, the latest Apex Legends Mobile update also removes penalties for players for abandoning matches early. Fortunately, this doesn’t apply to ranked play, so players who quit in anger in ranked mode will still be subject to a suspension penalty.

As for the recent update, new server locations will be added to the game later this week. Locations include France, North America and the UK. These servers will come along with updates aimed at improving ping routing for mobile players.

“This is the first of many upcoming optimizations to the in-game servers, designed to create a better and more enjoyable gaming experience for all Legends,” /r/ApexLegendsMobile Community Moderator /u/dF_Founder of Respawn ) in community posts. “Also, keep in mind that you can send feedback through the Apex Legends mobile app.”

Apex Legends Mobile Season 1: Prime Time will end next week, which, according to a timer on the Battle Pass screen, suggests that Season 1 will end on the evening of June 14th, with Season 2 likely to launch on June 15th. Haven’t finished their Season 1 Battle Pass yet, should spend the next few days teaming up and fighting on World’s Edge in the popular Pocket Battle Royale.

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