NBA draft prospect hides medical to rig the draft

As the 2022 NBA draft approaches, more rumors of potential lottery picks are starting to circulate. Gonzaga Bulldogs center Chet Holmgren is a lottery pick dealing with rumors of potential problems.

As one of the top rookies in the 2022 NBA draft, Holmgren always has to deal with some scrutiny during the draft process.

Given that he has more red flags than other centers like Jalen Duren, any potential concerns are made worse.

Now, rumors surrounding Chet Holmgren are related to his medical condition. According to Matt Babcock, a senior NBA draft analyst at Basketball News, Holmgren did not provide health screenings for most teams, nor did he have a heart check.

“I’ve also heard that Chet Holmgren has not given his medical information to teams (at least, most teams) and has not had NBA cardiac screenings. This could be a sign that his agent is trying to rig the draft and direct him to a certain point.”

Completing and releasing medical information is critical for some teams in the NBA draft. Some franchises will remove a player from their board for failing to complete a medical.

Players and agents know that some teams work that way, so something nefarious could happen. As Babcock and Alex Kennedy’s tweets suggest, Holmgren and his team may be trying to manipulate things.

“I’ve also heard that Chet Holmgren has not given his medical information to teams (at least most of the teams) and has not had an NBA heart screen. This could be a sign that his agent is trying to rig the draft and direct him to a specific Location.” Basketball News Network/stories/2022-n…

While there may be reasons for Holmgren not to provide his medical information to most teams, it doesn’t look good for a player with red flags. If Holmgren does provide medical care for the team he thinks will draft him, then that might not be a problem.

It could be a long night for Chet Holmgren if the team with his medical team decides to go in the other direction.

Chet Holmgren’s potential medical red flags could cost him during the NBA draft.

While still an almost guaranteed lottery pick, medical red flags could be high during the draft.

When prospects rise or fall outside of their simulated forecasts, it’s not about their talent. That has already been evaluated. It is based on medical, character intel and/or exercise. #NBADraft

While medical issues aren’t the only reason players enter the NBA draft, it’s significant. During the draft process, several good players have felt the effects of poor or lacking medical conditions.

and @CarisLeVert. A lot of NBA medical types (not the Nets) told the GM they wouldn’t even draft LeVert because of his recurring ankle issues. The Nets ranked him at No. 20.…

Ultimately, with the NBA draft looming, the rumors surrounding Chet Holmgren are all about how teams feel about them. For a team like the Oklahoma City Thunder, the rumors could be in their favor.

OKC Rumor Roundup: Portland Wants Lu Dort + #12 for #7. Portland pushes for trade talks, not OKC. Chet Holmgren wants to go to OKC. Chet might hide medical so he can go to a team he prefers. Paolo would probably want SGA in a combination of OKC.Knicks, Wizards and 27 other teams lol.

If manipulation does occur, the Thunder could see Holmgren traded for second, and possibly seventh, in the trade.

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