Morning Mailbag: Ringing in the PGA Championship Broadcast

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let the pictures speak

I totally agree with John Hawkins’ assessment of the PGA media coverage. Plus, their initial split-screen coverage and constant chatter were nothing more than a distraction.

Frank Chirkinian, the producer who pioneered golf reporting many years ago, made a very telling observation and gave his announcer a simple instruction: “If you have nothing to say , shut up” (or something like that). In short, “pictures tell stories”. Excuses or exaggerated interpretations of what we’ve seen are overkill. Yes, of course, sometimes some are guaranteed. Yet in the vagaries of golf’s good and bad moments, the audience seems to be seen as uneducated. If you’ve played the game, it definitely needs no explanation! It’s humbling, it’s tragic, it’s wonderful, it’s addictive all at once.


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