Modern Warfare 2 needs to move away from the original trilogy

long-rumored Modern Warfare 2 Finally got an official confirmation from Activison, leaving fans ecstatic.The recently rebooted second installment modern war The franchise, the hype and expectations surrounding the upcoming title are undoubtedly huge.

Due to its nature as a reboot, this new approach is expected Modern Warfare 2 will deviate from the original source material, as was the case in 2019 modern war. While these changes are important in generating unique identities for reboots, there are several original elements modern war A trilogy worth maintaining for an upcoming release.

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Core details of Modern Warfare 2

While expectations for a 2019 sequel modern war already exists in call-of-duty community for a while, Modern Warfare 2 Recently, Activision officially confirmed.With the 2019 modern war Become one of the top rated people call-of-duty In recent memory, it’s fair to say that the news of the sequel has gotten a lot of attention from fans.

Understandably, many of the more complex details Modern Warfare 2 It’s unknown at this time, but it’s been confirmed that the game will be released sometime in “Fall 2022.”Rumor has it that the game will run on a brand new game engine, and it can be assumed that it will take a lot of inspiration from the IW engine that has been successfully used modern war; Always focus on refined visuals and visceral sound design.

Interestingly, it was also suggested that Modern Warfare 2 Will launch alongside a new installment of the series’ wildly popular Battle Royale franchise, call-of-duty: war zone. if MW2 indeed launch together warzone 2which will indicate the expected lifetime and range Modern Warfare 2 Activision’s vision.Also in the development of Infinity Ward, it is likely that Modern Warfare 2 Will continue the main plot points and character arcs of the established narrative in 2019 modern war in its campaign and multiplayer modes.Still, there will be many elements of the original modern war A trilogy that fans also want to see.

More traditional normative mode of operation

One of the biggest lures call-of-duty The formula that helps fans return to the franchise with each release released each year is the third game mode that each title has.Although black ops inside the game cash on delivery IP thrived on its popular “zombie” model, modern war Thriving with its Spec Ops model.

Spec Ops is a mode first introduced in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, which is all the more reason to implement it in the upcoming reboot. Short for “Special Ops,” this mode consists of short but highly curated missions that periodically increase in difficulty.Many of these tasks are taken from modern warfare 2 The campaign, with up to three stars per mission, can be earned by players by fulfilling certain mission requirements.

From vehicle-based time trial trials to stealth base infiltration to high-octane ghetto shootouts, Spec Ops offers a variety of experiences that are truly engaging and challenging for those who want to get it all done.With the added benefit of being able to complete the vast majority of tasks in the online two-player co-op mode, Spec Ops is also implemented internally Modern Warfare 3 A testament to its popularity among the player base.With 2019’s oft-forgotten ‘Special Ops’ mode modern war Shelved due to the repetitive and difficult nature of its few missions, returning to a more curated and intimate mission roster similar to both MW2 and MW3 It will be a huge boon for the upcoming sequel.

Classic Prestige System

How iconic is the original multiplayer Modern Warfare 2 At the time, many veteran players would miss the game’s online reputation the older call-of-duty Title, the multiplayer reputation system is perfect in its simplicity. Players can reach a 70, 50 or other level cap by gaining experience, after which they will have a chance to “reputate”. This resets their level to one level, while also relocking any level cap items that must be regained.

As a reward for this sacrifice, players will receive coveted badges and business cards with specific prestige, as well as permanent creation class slot unlocks. Badges and business cards will only become more detailed and attractive as players level up.The system is uniform and easy to decipher, making it easier for hardcore dedicated players to identify compared to recent current prestige systems call-of-duty title.

Now, once the player exceeds level 55 in the game call-of-duty When multiplayer, they enter the ranks of the seasons that are completely related to the seasons of the game’s multiplayer. Before the reset, players needed to reach 1000 levels each season, and the new system only breeds chaos and lacks the persistence of its predecessor.

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Professional Allowance

Another fan-favorite feature of both Modern Warfare 2 and 3 Is the unlockable “Pro” version of the creation-level perk. In older multiplayer modes, each perk was accompanied by a specific challenge that, when completed, would give the associated perk an additional beneficial element. This is a core aspect of the gameplay in these older games, and striving to complete an extra challenge pays dividends in the form of invaluable perks, which can make players stand out in completing missions.Since becoming a one-dimensional and beauty element, it has the privilege of creating first-class cash on delivery Yuan, a professional allowance in the upcoming return Modern Warfare 2 is deserved.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Currently in development.

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