Modern Warfare 2 needs classic Call of Duty features

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Next call-of-duty The title is expected to be a 2019 sequel modern warand there are some classic features that need to come back to help the game succeed. Modern Warfare II, Not to be confused with 2009 Modern Warfare 2most likely next call-of-duty after the game pioneer And will continue with developer Infinity Ward’s soft reboot modern war series. The first reboot in 2019 is widely praised by players war zone After a few months, call-of-duty reached new heights of popularity.

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However, pioneerReleases in late 2021 have struggled to maintain the same popularity as the previous two years. pioneer Developed by Sledgehammer Games and brought the series back to World War II, but many say the game feels more like a remake modern war Only weapons appropriate to the times.Little change from last year cash on delivery title, many turned to focus on the series’ battle royale, war zoneThe new Pacific Crater map has undergone several changes.

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if Modern Warfare 2 To avoid disappointing fans, its developers should bring back the previous functionality call-of-duty title and with their game development in mind. modern war Lots of big changes to things like progression and attachments, but not much has changed in the next games since then, fans are starting to get bored with every game feeling the same and missing out on their previous best. Favorite feature.past, every new call-of-duty The game feels very different from previous games, with new features or features exclusive to the series. This makes every game feel fresh, while still delivering the same satisfying shootout that makes the series so popular.

Call of Duty’s old reputation system is better

Call of Duty Prestige Badge

One of the most requested changes call-of-duty What fans want is a return to the old reputation system that was changed modern war. Now I am at pioneerthe player will be at level 55 reputation and will then proceed to level 1000. black ops cold war Introduced Prestige Keys, which players earn every 50 levels, which can be used to unlock blueprints as well as calling cards from previous games.exist cash on delivery In games prior to 2019, players would have a prestige option upon reaching the highest level. If they do, their progress will be reset and they will have to unlock all guns, perks and kills again.

The older progression and prestige system rewards more than the current system pioneer and war zone. Reaching high prestige used to be a challenge, having to unlock everything over and over again and have players work their way through the year.Now all the prestige system does is show how much time a person has put into the game, and because it’s easy to level up call-of-duty: war zone, especially with double XP almost every weekend, it’s not that impressive to see someone hit level 1000 towards the end of the Battle Pass season. Going back to the old system – or a variant of it – will give players a greater incentive to play multiplayer and gain as much prestige as possible.

Modern Warfare 2 requires ranked play at launch

Modern Warfare 2 Remastered Image

If the FPS wants the best chance of success early, offering players a separate ranked mode at the start will greatly improve those chances. call-of-duty No real ranked mode since then black ops 2League mode in 2012.Compare the recently released Halo Infinite as well as its multiplayer ranked system, which launched on day one with a separate ranked playlist, as well as purchasable customization options, inspired by halo Championship Series. therefore, endlessdespite having less content on the first day, received more responses than pioneer made for its launch.

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eSports in cash on delivery and halo, and integrating it into the average player’s game is an easy way to get more people to play it. Players also want to feel like they’re improving, and having skill levels and ELOs is the best way to give them that feeling. pioneerThe lack of game modes and leagues may make it less attractive to players who want a competitive experience.If they do come eventually, it will be different from ranked mode halo or counter strike, So players may not play more than a few games.if Modern Warfare 2 With league matches available at launch, and with a full ranking system, progression rewards, and competitive maps and game types, players will want to play it right away, and will likely be hooked for an entire year.

Call of Duty attachment settings need to be streamlined

Warzone Pacific Crater: Best Cooper Carbine Attachments, Minor Attachments and Perks

the last three call-of-duty The title has seen the game’s creation-like system grow in size and complexity, and it could benefit by going back to basics. Currently, pioneerThe Gunsmith Weapon Customization allows players to place up to ten attachments on a single gun for the first time without using perks or wildcards.This leads to some very powerful combinations in multiplayer and in-game war zonebut some players are frustrated with how powerful some of these features are and how long it takes to unlock each attachment on a gun.

elder call-of-duty title, as in 2007 modern war and the original Modern Warfare 2only one attachment is allowed per weapon. black ops 2 Introduced the “pick 10” system, which provides players with 10 allocation points that can be used for each class, guns, attachments, equipment, and wildcards.These are considered the best cash on delivery A fan’s title, rumor has it black ops 2 Remakes are remade every year, and the simplicity of creating a top-notch system is one of the reasons. Players must weigh the pros and cons of each attachment and must create a class that plays to their strengths. Players can now craft a career with almost no negative numbers, which greatly closes the game’s skill gap.

pioneerThe lack of ranked matches, the same prestige system as the first two games, and a disappointing map have disappointed a lot of fans so far.Aside from leveling weapons, the game has little reason for players to come back and play it war zone. This could explain why gamers don’t buy Cod: Pioneer And keep choosing to play other games that came out around the same time.If Infinity Ward wants to avoid the same fate, it could add some old classic features call-of-duty game, This will hopefully remind fans of what made the series interesting in the first place.

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