Mike Weir sets stage for Canada’s next generation of elite golfers

Benton Harbor — No Canadian-born golfer has won more tournaments on the PGA Tour than Mike Weir, who won eight, tied with George Knudsen.

But Will did something Knudsen had never done—in fact, no other Canadian male had ever done—to win the 2003 Masters Grand Slam. Will is Mrs. Brightsgrove, Ontario, across from the blue water bridge in Port Huron, and it’s hard to fathom that he’s been wearing that green jacket for almost 20 years.

“It didn’t feel like that long,” Will said at the senior PGA Championship this week. “That moment was very special. It was special to me. It was special to a lot of people when I talked to different Canadians. It was one of those people who told me where they happened. Hear Those are interesting stories.

“Not only for myself, but for the country, it’s really special.”

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