Mavericks will definitely exceed $1 billion

Top Gun: Maverick Made another $44 million (-20%) over the fourth Friday-Sunday weekend and $52 million in the Juneteenth holiday frame. That would bring it to $473 million domestically within 25 days of its release. Even accounting for inflation, it’s now Tom Cruise’s biggest domestic box office hit.It had the third-biggest fourth weekend gross of all time (not counting american sniper surged to $89 million in its fourth weekend), just ahead of Black Panther ($40.8 million) and The Force Awakens ($42.3 million) just behind Avatar ($50.3 million).even spiderman During the fourth weekend (the Memorial Day holiday in 2002) it was down 37%, and this 15% drop was closer to Avatar (-26%) and american sniper (-24% in the fourth weekend of its widespread release) than spiderman (-37%) and Passion of Christ (-39%).

Meanwhile, with $39 million (-25%) in overseas box office, the Paramount/Skydance movie has grossed over $885 million worldwide and should top $900 million tomorrow or Tuesday.since Titanic Released overseas by 20th Century Fox (1997/1998 domestic revenue of $600 million, $1.8 billion), Top Gun: Maverick Technically, it’s Paramount’s largest “all-mine” global box office ever. With the help of South Korea next weekend, it is sure to surpass $1 billion globally, and it will probably hit that mark by Independence Day weekend. It’s sure to be the biggest domestic earner in the summer and is now the front-runner for the global championship.As for the rest of the year, honestly, only black Black Panther: Wakanda Forever November and Avatar: The Way of Water There is a legitimate opportunity to replace it in December.

This is the part where I tell you that Tom Cruise is now possible Top Gun The sequel is on track to top $600 million domestically, which would make it Paramount’s largest “original” ever. Titanic (Including the 2012 3-D reprint, it made $658 million). A *normal* rate of decline from that point would make it end up at $550 million, and this movie is anything but normal from its release date. And, record breaking alert, there aren’t many big ones between now and, er, the reality show’s re-release on September 23. Avatar Or Warner Bros. black adam October 21st.Lightyears Are No Barrier, Lighting Inc. Minions: Rise of Gru It is possible to sink or swim regardless of the race.

Elvis Among the irregular adults who’ve seen the trailer before, next weekend might have a good time Top Gun: Maverick and Thor: Love and Thunder Opening July 8th. Jordan Peele’s No It was supposed to break out on July 22, but after that, it’s Brad Pitt’s bullet train August 6th, and then… uh… yes. Disney prioritizes Disney+ over theater due to multiple factors (Chip and Dale: Rescue Rangers Damn, it was supposed to be in theaters), a post-production gridlock caused by Covid (for example) black adam After Summer Break, Anti-Program Like Kevin Hart man from toronto with Jennifer Lopez get married Being sold to streamers, general Hollywood unease (HBO Max’s father of the bride The remake might do well in drama) instead of releasing less certain dramas, there aren’t many big movies (especially grown-ups) this summer.

It’s on track to be the longest $100 million-plus opener will be better than The Force Awakens ($937 million/$248 million), more than $479 million on will be better than wonder woman ($412.5 million from a $103.5 million debut) when it surpassed $505 million and Shrek 2 ($441 million from $108 million Friday-Sunday / $128 million Wednesday-Sunday debut) When it hits $517 million.During the Memorial Day opening ceremony, it will be more Aladdin ($356 million from its $117 million debut Friday-Monday) when it topped $487 million.If this continues, well, it’s going to drop more than Avatar at the moment. Does that mean it will clear $700 million or even $800 million? Probably not, but it’s not like the picture is living up to expectations anytime it’s running.

Joseph Kosinski Top Gun: Maverick Having reviews, buzz and pre-sale factors (IP, Tom Cruise, lack of superheroes or complex myths) makes it a must-see movie of the moment. It’s the go-to movie for date nights, and the occasional and general moviegoer sees it in theaters, who might leave the kids with the babysitter and watch it once a month or two.Frankly, PG-13 movies are more “healthy” than PG-rated originals, meaning kids can follow along, unlike (ironically) Joseph Kosinski’s PG-rated movies Creation: Legacy In 2010. It’s almost heartening that an adult audience is in a blockbuster ’80s/90s movie, not just a superhero movie. Captain America: Civil War or captain marvel Pretend to be one.


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