Lottery picks may not be the Knicks’ best pick in the 2022 NBA draft

It turns out that when the team took the 11th overall pick in the 2022 NBA draft, their prayers for lottery luck went unanswered, with some New York Knicks fans just screaming into the void. Another year and another pick isn’t enough to help turn a team around.

Now, that’s not to say the Knicks should be excited about drafting in that range. However, the late lottery draft has traditionally not been kind to this team.

Given their drafting record, I’d prefer to see the 11th pick in the trade package at the right price, even though I trust the front office. Trade or use draft picks to offload some contracts and/or acquire young players that are better suited to New York’s current situation.

What does the lottery pick mean for the New York Knicks?

Also, ideally, the player selected with the 11th pick should have plenty of playing time. So that begs the question, does the team still have room for people they might choose?

I think the current answer to this question is yes. Essentially, I don’t see any value in adding a rookie to the Knicks’ current roster. New York has too many players, young, old, and anyone in between, to be worth playing.

The best way to use draft picks to draft rookies is to find a future point guard. There aren’t enough draft picks to draft top rookies Jaden Ivey or Shaedon Sharpe, and the draft picks may be too low to pick TyTy Washington Jr. or Bennedict Mathurin. Even Dyson Daniels may be out of reach.

But even if one of those guys is there to pick up the plate, the Knicks already have point guard players worth trying. Many fans have embraced the idea of ​​Emmanuel Quickley as a starter, and Des McBride has proven he can be an impact player.

Suppose New York drafts a league. The consensus in the draft seems to be that if you can get one of these point guards, the Knicks should try to get someone like Johnny Davis because “you can’t have too many wings.”

That sounds good until you realize that RJ Barrett, Quentin Grimes and Cam Reddish should all play at least 18 minutes a night. If Evan Fournier and Alec Burks stay, those guys already take up most of the available minutes at shooting guard and small forward.

We all know that Julius Randle and Obi Toppin are a crowded pair of power forwards.

Well, well, I guess we have to go with a big guy? Mitchell Robinson is not guaranteed to return and Taj Gibson could be cut immediately. At this point, Nerlens Noel’s departure is also a foregone conclusion. Drafting a center is the solution, right?

Weeeell…I probably don’t need to remind you that the year is 2022, and the NBA is a very guard- and wing-focused league.

Even at No. 11, drafting a center just to fill that position isn’t very sensible. This is arguably the easiest position to replace in basketball. If your name doesn’t start with Nikola, Joel, Bam, Rudy, Karl, or DeAndre, the team isn’t really going to be dysfunctional by picking someone else over you.

As it happens, the top three players in the draft are all 6’10 and higher. Even in a trade situation, New York has no chance against these guys. Jaylen Duran and Mark Williams are cool, but are they big enough? maybe not. The Knicks might be better off sticking with Jericho Sims and signing a free-agent center.

Basically, New York has a lot of routes to choose from in the draft. Leon Rose and company are going all out this offseason. Many decisions about roster construction are underway. But based on who is on the team right now, what kind of player they should choose, and if they even choose a player, there is no clear answer.

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