Link between Doctor Strange 2 and Thor revealed

lady marvel Halfway through the run of Disney+, the show is revealing all sorts of surprises and major ties to the larger MCU.Expect Iman Villani’s Kamala Khan introduction to be tied to her big-screen debut Miracle, working with Brie Larson’s Carol Danvers on unknown threats. However, the series appears to have teased that the titular hero’s origins will also have a lasting impact on the interconnected franchise.

In the first two episodes, lady marvel Showcasing Kamala’s family and friends, her struggles as a teenager, and her struggles with her newfound strength. Episode 2 takes things in a different direction as the young hero experiences visions of an unknown woman from a different dimension as she gets a powerful bracelet from her debut.

Now, following the wild finale of episode 2, the latest installment of the show finally has a definitive answer to the bracelet’s origins.

Ms. Marvel introduces Noor Dimension

Warning – the rest of the article contains spoilers for episode 3 Ms. Marvel.

in episode 3 lady marvel, Kamala Khan discovered that her great-grandmother was a member of the Djinn and ClanDestines, a group of Djinn exiled from the Noor Dimension. The ClanDestines have been stranded on Earth since 1942, and Najma (the woman in Kamala’s hallucination) reveals that the bracelet is the key to their return home.

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At first, Kamala offered to help Najma and the rest of the ClanDestines get home, and she even asked her best friend Bruno Carrelli for help in researching the legends of Noor and Djinn.When Bruno says it all points to interdimensional travel, he specifically mentions Dr. Eric Selvig, Stellan Skarsgard in Thor Franchise:

“Actually, it reminds me of a paper I read. I think it was written by Dr. Erik Selvig.”

Matt Linz as Bruno Carrelli
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Selvig is a well-known astrophysicist and close friend of Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster and Chris Hemsworth’s Thor.The character was last seen in the MCU in 2015 Avengers: Age of Ultronwhere he helped Thor realize his vision for the Infinity Stones.

The mere mention of a paper dealing with interdimensional travel could suggest that Selvig managed to note that he was in Thor, the Avengersand Thor: The Dark Worldwhich makes sense since all three adventures involve traveling through different worlds and opening various portals.

It’s unclear when his paper was written, but as the MCU has grown, Selvig may have learned more about alternate dimensions, which could come in handy for more than one MCU project.

Stellan Skarsgard as Erik Selvig
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Eventually, ClanDestines showed Kamala their true colors, and the group attacked the young hero at her brother’s wedding. Previously, Najma found out through Kamran that after Bruno warned Kamala that she was unwilling to help them, “Some things may flourish.”

Karachi train
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During the thrilling fight, Kamala witnesses the sight of the train, which surprises Najma and Clan Destines, which leads to their arrest. The train in the vision has a Karachi tag in front of it, possibly suggesting it has something to do with Muniba’s family fleeing during the partition. In episode 2, Kamala’s father, Yusuf Khan, explained that Muneeba’s family had to catch the last train to Karachi to stay out of harm’s way.

It is not known if the train in the vision came from the Nuer dimension, but it is possible that Elsa sent it out to save her great-granddaughter from harm. Considering that her Nanni also saw visions, this could also be how Aisha communicated with Kamala and her family.

Perhaps this indicates that Kamala’s grandmother owned another bracelet, explaining how she was able to see visions.

Predicting Noor Dimension’s MCU future and the impact of Phase 4

In the MCU, dimension is a concept independent of alternate Earths or multiverses.Two good examples are from Doctor Strange Franchise, the realm where Dangerous Dormammu lives, and Ta Lo from Shangqi and the legend of the ten rings, The mysterious village where the great protector lives.

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Probably lady marvel The actual Noor Dimension is finally revealed, similar to Shang Zhi and Doctor Strange Fully demonstrate their respective dimensions. Although Noor Dimension doesn’t come directly from a Marvel Comics page, the fact that Noor translates to Light might suggest that it’s the exact opposite of Dark Dimension.

Charlize Theron as Clea, Dark Dimension
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at the end of crazy multiverse, Charlize Theron’s Clea recruits Doctor Strange to repair an invasion, and the two travel together to the Dark Dimension. While it is unclear whether the origins of the invasion occurred within the Dark Dimension, this interdimensional plane appears to be crucial to the conflict at hand.

in view of Doctor Strange The sequel is set before the event Ms. Marvel, In the series led by Kamala Khan, the invasion may still be happening. As a result, Noor Dimension may also be affected.

This invasion may have amplified the power of the bracelet, allowing Elsa to communicate with her family on Earth, while also sending a beacon to Najma and the other Djinns, leading them to discover Kamala.

American Chavez’s power appears to be limited to traveling between universes rather than dimensions.Maybe Erik Selvig will be able to provide some insight into invasions affecting other dimensions, or lend a helping hand Doctor Strange 3 Hunt down Strange and Clea by helping the characters figure out how to travel through dimensions. Despite being a sorcerer supreme, Wang may not be very good at visiting these realms, so may need some insight from an expert.

Alternatively, Ms. Marvel herself might use her bracelet to crack the case for interdimensional travel, so could be another touchpoint in the follow-up crazy multiverse.

dark dimension
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In the comics, there is actually a light dimension, a reality with a lot of photon energy, that was used to create a new Captain Marvel. However, lady marvelThe latest episode proves that Noel Dimension is different from Marvel Comics’ Light Dimension.

From what has been revealed so far, Noor Dimension is more than an interdimensional reality, as it allows those connected to Djinn to visually communicate with the wearer of the bracelet. This dimension also appears to be the source of the bracelet’s power, which Kamala was able to use strongly because of her connection to Elsa.

In any case, it is clear that Noor Dimension will be lady marvelThe final three episodes of The Big Picture will become clearer once Kamala discovers the truth behind the bracelet, the djinn and her true legacy.

lady marvelThe first three episodes of is now streaming on Disney+.


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