Lil Tjay breathes life into Westcott Theatre with hit song

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String lights on the ceiling of the Westcott Theatre lead to the venue’s stage, where a DJ table, steel doors and signs that read “Bronx” and “New York” sit. By 8:15pm, the venue was full of people, with some eager fans running around, hoping to get as close to the stage as possible.

Lil Tjay took the stage Saturday night at the Westcott Theatre as part of his “Destined 2 Win” tour. Before that late-night show, the Bronx rapper put on a show at 2 p.m. with special guest Kaash Paige.

Sham Isshamil, a student from the University at Buffalo, and her friends traveled two hours to see a show in Syracuse because she missed Friday’s Lil Tjay concert in Buffalo.

“It’s worth it,” she said. “We are very happy to meet him.”

Before Lil Tjay took the stage, more than 10 up-and-coming artists, including JACOSSE and Rasandra, presented their short films.

In a pre-show interview with The Daily Orange, JACOSSE said he has been rap for four and a half years and one of his biggest hits, “BROADCAST,” has more than 18,000 streams. He said he was honored to be one of the artists who opened up to Lil Tjay.

“Honestly, it doesn’t even feel real,” JACOSSE said. “I got the call three weeks ago and here we are.”

Between performances and before anyone starts playing, the night’s host, Concert Crave, will play a variety of songs throughout the night, including “Look at Me!” XXXTENACION and Pooh Shiesty’s “Back in Blood.” These songs energized the crowd and resulted in mosh pits full of backflips and shoves.

Lil Tay singing at the Westcott Theatre

Lil Tjay also performs with Kaash Paige at 2pm before the evening show at the Westcott Theatre.Shiron Thomas | Assistant Digital Editor

After Rasandra left the stage, Concert Crave asked the audience if they were ready for Lil Tjay. The DJs started playing “Headshot,” a Lil Tjay platinum-certified song performed by rappers Polo G and Fivio Foreign. After Fivio Foreign’s lyrics ended, Lil Tjay jumped onto the stage and tapped the song’s chorus, prompting a burst of cheers and people frantically raising their phones.

When he finished singing the song, Lil Tjay asked where the ladies in the crowd were and got a shrill scream in response. After hearing the screams, he started performing “Without Your Love”. The song is far from the only one Lil Tjay uses to appeal to women in the audience.

“We’re not done yet, ladies,” the rapper said before taking off his shirt and performing “Sex Sounds,” then “What You Wanna Do.”

Lil Tjay also played his hit “Calling My Phone,” which featured 6LACK and “Zoo York,” which featured New York rappers Fivio Foreign and Pop Smoke. Before continuing his show, he took some time to admit that Pop Smoke passed away in February 2020.

“RIP Pop Smoke, did you hear that?” he said before performing the Brooklyn rapper’s hit “Dior.” He also performed “Mood Swings,” a selection of his first post-Pop Smoke album, “Shoot For The Stars Aim For The Moon,” which the audience sang along loudly.

In the middle of his set, Lil Tjay brings Rasandra to the stage again. The pair performed their new song “In Too Deep”. During the performance, the two took several mobile phones from the hands of those in the front row and took pictures with the crowd of more than 200 people.

After the song, Lil Tjay, his crew and Rasandra started throwing water bottles at the crowd. When they had distributed all the water bottles, Lil Tjay told the audience not to drink all the water and to put the water bottles in the air.

“When the beat goes down, I need you to make it fly,” he said.

Lil Tjay then started rapping his song “FN,” and as soon as the beat dropped, the crowd was washed over.

To wrap up the show, Lil Tjay teased his currently unreleased song “Not in the Mood”. In this song, instead of making it rain, Lil Tjay pours a gallon of water on the audience.

“Thank you to everyone who popped up. I had a great time with you guys,” he said. “Hope I can see you again.”

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