Letter to the Editor: Thursday, May 26, 2022 | Viewpoint

Council needs to limit the number of Airbnbs

Dear Editor:

Regarding the popularity of Airbnb in Penticton, it seems that this trend is affecting many people who just want to live their lives. These are the people we need for entry-level jobs.

Those who are now renovating or being forced to leave their homes for more short-term rentals. I want the City Council to create a bylaw to govern short-term rentals in Penticton. I would like to see a balance between short-term housing (Airbnb) and long-term housing. If your property has a vacation rental (Airbnb), it must be mandatory for the homeowner or long-term tenant to have a long-term stay on the property.

Clearly, Summerland and Revelstoke are finding this balance. This will help address rent shortages, help address labor shortages, and prevent the workers we need in Penticton from leaving.

I look forward to seeing which of our city councillors will deal with this. I would also like to hear what other Pentictonites have to say on this subject.

Ted Shoemaker


In the information age, we get less and less

Dear Editor:

More people have never had more access to information, but all this “information” tells us less and less about what actually happened.

A major bridge closed; the cause was a “vehicle accident” – whatever that means. Knowing exactly what’s going on will give commuters an idea of ​​the duration of their inconvenience.

A neighborhood is locked down – police, ambulances, etc. This is called a “police incident”; it could be a car hitting a telephone pole, or a murderer on the loose; each requires a different response from the residents.

Weather “events” – tornadoes or rainstorms?

Someone was hit by a vehicle. This is called an “event”. What constitutes an “accident”?

Also, pregnant “people” – not pregnant men/children/animals? Is this political correctness again?

Joe Iran


Local supermarkets need to buy Canadian goods

Dear Editor:

I have been a loyal customer of my local supermarket for 15 years. I believe this is a Canadian company. I especially like their deli and bakery.

But to my disappointment, I can only buy beans and peas that are produced (grown) in China. Of course, with all the greenhouses in Canada, the US and Mexico, and the good growing weather in those countries, we should be able to buy local, or at least American or Mexican food, instead of buying it from China. Not only production, but also canned food, such as canned fruit. I’m sure it would take quite a while for these ships to travel from China to Canada before being trucked to the store. This means that the product is not “fresh”.

Given everything that’s going on in the world, why can’t we get local food, stimulate our economy, and patronize our farmers and growers? I’ve read that dog food and even some baby food contain ingredients (exported from China) that shouldn’t be part of the product.

Hopefully store owners will read this letter and maybe others should ask their store manager why we can’t get produce and other items from our country. If we are loyal customers, then supermarkets should be loyal to their customers and local growers. Time to buy Canadian products.

Barbara Smallwood


Suburban people shopping, attending city events

Dear Editor:

Re: “RDOS collaboration is a one-way street” by Elvena Slump (Herald Letter, May 24).

I guess I’m not the only reader tired of reading Elvena Slump’s constant chewing gum slapping how hard Penticton has become because of mistakes made by Penticton’s former elected officials.

Shut down everything you want Elvena and all suburban residents to stop shopping for – like food, appliances, thrift stores, vehicles, newspapers – not to mention attending all the charities.

I agree with the royalties, Elvena, but when you’ve been chattering about samo-samo, its failure says it’s time to put the conversation where the sun doesn’t shine, because you’re wrong and wrong and wrong?

Bike to Olara and back to see the peaceful frontier, but please don’t think about moving here as you might need to pump my septic tank. If your unhappy life in Penticton has left you feeling down, get real and move Elvena. I might consider donating to a GoFundMe to help you get out, because settling is not the answer – nor is your constant nagging on the Herald’s letter page.

Tom Isherwood


Poilievre will bring GOP policy here

Dear Editor:

I’ve heard/read comments about Pierre Poilievre making people “nervous”.

What an understatement. Pierre Poilievre is frightening—and not just because he introduced Canada to the Republican style of American politics. No, it goes further than that.

During a Conservative leadership debate, Polyyev revealed that the book he was reading was Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules for Life. As anyone familiar with this fake intellectual knows, he is a far-right conservative who supports what most learned people think are merely statements of the obvious — but he has his own interpretation of reality. He has little credibility among educated people.

One of Peterson’s recent podcasts was about why he insists on free speech — even if it’s racist and inflammatory. He believes that all ideas, no matter how degrading, must be expressed publicly. However, he resigned from Twitter when he was criticized and reprimanded for his faith. Very supportive of free speech.

Shortly after Poilievre revealed his reading preferences, he was invited to appear on Peterson’s podcast. Hate is a destructive force that no one ever knew could solve any problem. In this podcast, Poilievre and Peterson’s hatred of Trudeau is shocking and based on twisted “facts.”

Both men believed in “liberty” – the freedom to control all aspects of life, despite social demands. The needs of the individual take precedence over the needs of society. Social safety nets should not have stipends. This is a well-documented policy set by the Conservative government. (Note all the historic cuts to social networks by the federal and provincial Conservative governments – while lowering corporate taxes)

I understand Peterson’s anxiety about Trudeau: Trudeau created a new tax bracket for the wealthy, which of course affects Peterson’s net income, and he probably thinks that because of NDP support, the income of the wealthy will be Increase. I hope he is right.

Watch the Poilievre/Peterson podcast and you might see what Poilievre really means.

Patrick MacDonald



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