KU football coach ready to hit the road ahead of training camp season

The spring evaluation period for the college football coaching staff is scheduled to end Tuesday night. But with the evaluation period over and the start of the training camp season, it’s going to be a busy June for the KU football coaching staff. During the month, KU instructors will be participating in external camps in addition to their own camps in mid-June.

In total, KU staff will participate in nine outdoor camps and three games in Lawrence.library there will be a coach In Eastern Michigan, Mercer, Lindenwood, SMU, TCU, Florida, North Central, Kennesaw and Houston Baptist camps. KU will be hosting a big camp, a bigs camp, a 7-on-7 camp and a Friday Night Lights camp in June.

Before we dive into the camp schedule, one might wonder why camp is important. Well, KU staff place a lot of value on the ability to assess potential targets in person and watch them compete and coach on the spot.Last summer, KU looked at the quarterback Ethan Vasco personally and decided to pursue him. He committed to KU around National Signing Day.people like st louis run back Alan Mitchell Impressed at KU during Lawrence training camp last summer, the KU staff re-offered him and has been recruiting him ever since. Overall, camps are an important part of the recruiting process.

According to schedules posted by individual coaches on their respective Twitters, KU will begin the camp season on Tuesday at Camp Eastern Michigan. KU Defensive Coordinator Brian Bollandoffensive line coach Scott Foxwide receiver coach Terence Samuel and linebackers coach Chris Simpson Both will represent KU in a day camp. Both Samuel and Simpson recruited Michigan for the Jayhawks.

On Wednesday, June 1st, a group of KU coaches will travel to Macon, Georgia for the Mercer Mega Camp. There are classes on June 1st and classes on June 3rd, and KU will have instructors in both classes.Defensive tackle coach Jim PanagosDefensive Backs Coach Jordan Petersonrunning back coach Jonathan Wallace and quarterback coach Jim Zebrowski The camps on June 1st will all be there. Panagos and Wallace will remain at training camp on June 3, while the other coaches head to the new camp.

Things got a little hectic between June 3rd and 5th. Several KU coaches will be in the Dallas area for some of the biggest training camps of the summer. Camp Lindenwood in St. Louis and Camp Florida in Florida are also the biggest summer camp events.

Beginning in Lindenwood, Borland, Fuchs and Samuel will all be in the St. Louis area for a two-day training camp from June 3rd to June 4th. Samuel has recruited the St. Louis area for KU.

Peterson and Simpson will represent KU at the SMU camp on June 3 and 4, then they will head to the TCU large camp on June 5, where they will be joined by Samuel. Zebrowski will also be at SMU training camp in Dallas on June 3.

After Mercer camp, Wallace will head to Dallas for TCU camp on June 4.

On June 5, Panagos, Borland and Wallace will all be in Florida for training camp in Florida. Panagos, in particular, has been recruiting Florida State for nearly 20 years. Wallace is also hiring heavily in the state.

On June 7, Simpson, Wallace, Samuel and Peterson will all be at Houston Baptist camp. All four coaches have made heavy hires in Texas during their respective careers.

The Panagos will then head to Kennesaw State Camp June 7-8.

On June 7-8, Borland, Fuchs and Zebrowski will travel to Camp North Central in Trenton, Missouri.

After a busy week of travel, the coaches returned to Lawrence for an official visit and camp at KU. KU has camps on June 15th, June 22nd and June 24th. KU’s official visit dates are set for June 10-12 and June 17-19. Stay tuned to Phog.net for a full overview of a busy June.

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