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Justin Thomas wins the PGA Championship’s Wanamaker Trophy and second major of the year after hitting 5 under at South Hills Country Club in Tulsa, Oklahoma and surviving a three-hole playoff , but every player wins as the large sums of money sloshing around professional golf continue to be dumped in golfers’ bank accounts.

If the grounds get chilly on Saturday morning after temperatures drop from the 90s on Thursday and Friday to about 50 degrees at the start of Round 3, they’ll jump from $12 million as the PGA of America unexpectedly announces the event’s total prize pool Warm to $15. million. That means the winner will take home nearly $2.7 million, and whoever finishes third alone will earn a seven-figure sum.

The move aligns the PGA with the Masters, which will boost prize money from $11.50 to $15 million in 2022, and mirrors a larger trend on the PGA Tour, which will see total tournament prize money rise from $367 million this year to $427 million. ’21) plus another $105 million in prize pools and payouts. The highest-grossing individual event remains the Players Championship, with $20 million in prize money, including $3.60 for the winner.

Attention now turns to the last two majors of the year, the U.S. Open in mid-June with $12.5 million in prize money last year, and the Open Championship in mid-July with $11.5 million in 21-year purses. They’ll likely feel the heat to shake off the couch cushions and offer something in the $15 million community.

Strangely, the two people most responsible for the bonus inflation were not present when the checks were handed out. Phil Mickelson remains in self-suspended state after offending almost every golfer not named Greg Norman as he publishes about ignoring human rights atrocities in favor of ‘leverage’ “comment of. Phil suffered in the short term, but there’s no doubt that Norman’s LIV Golf, which had a $25 million per game purse that culminated in a $50 million team finale, was affecting the tour’s checks. Aside from the bonus, Mickelson seems willing to work with LIV, which also legitimizes the rival series.

Tiger Woods, who has done more fundraising for the tour than anyone in the past 25 years, has defended the tour by taking a stand against it like a one-legged man in a pre-PGA Tour press conference Said: “I believe in legacy. I believe in grand slams. I believe in major events, comparisons to historical figures of the past. There’s a lot of money here. The tour is growing. But it’s like any other sport. Just like tennis. Same. You have to get out there and make money. You have to hang out. We have a chance to move on and do that. Just not guaranteed up front.”

Speaking of Mickelson, he said: “It’s always disappointing when the defending champion is not around. Phil said something that I think a lot of us who are committed to the tour and are committed to the tour’s legacy disagree, he It took some personal time and we all understood that. But I think he had a lot of disagreement on some of the points of how the Tour should be run and should be run. But as we all know, as a professional, we miss him here. I mean , he’s a big draw in golf. He’s just taking his time and we all wish him well when he comes back.”

On the court, Woods looked just like he did at the Masters — admirably and impressively in the first two rounds before knocking him out on a windy Saturday. But this time, Woods failed to finish. Although he was injured in a third-round 79, it was pain in his faltering right leg that forced him to retire on 18 holes.

What that means for the U.S. Open at country clubs is anyone’s guess, but Tiger might be better off skipping the national championships to rest for the British Open. The match will be at St Andrews, where he won two of his three Claret Jugs, and the wide, relatively flat pitch will be easier on his body – if the height of the Scottish summer can provide at least Four day temps in the 60’s.

It all comes back to numbers.

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