Judging From the Cover – New Release 6/22/22 AIPT

Most comic book fans come to their local comic store with a clear idea of ​​what they’re going to buy each week. Having said that, it’s still a lot of fun to just glance at this week’s new books and get a chance to read a book that looks promising, interesting, scary, etc. That’s where the cover comes in. A dreamy image can make a difference between trying something new or saying “no, not this week.”

In that spirit, here are the covers that caught our attention this week, by comics editor Chris Copeland. This is judged by the cover.

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Batman/Superman: The Best in the World #4

Variant cover by Riley Rossmo

Sometimes, when it comes to choosing a cover, a close game happens deep inside me. For example, the main cover of Issue 4 from Dan Mora is great because it does what more should have happened: Green Lantern as an antagonist. Hal Jordan, guys, is a great hero, but he’s in the villain (his parallax era, DC and vampiresetc), it just makes him so punchy in the best possible way. But there’s something else about the book — aside from the current storyline that Mr. Jordan might need to whack: it’s all messy. There isn’t anything negative about it – the plot of the book is good – but how many things happen at once, that’s the appeal and appeal of the whole series. That sense of “chaos” is brilliantly presented in this variant of Riley Rossmo, a veritable Bizarro character who is doing what they do best (dumbness and causing hijinks). Does it make sense for the story? No, but it does capture the same whimsy and weirdness that make this all-star title feel so special.

Miles Morales: Spider-Man #39

Cover by Taorin Clark

Judging by the cover

In their latest multi-knot jumping adventure between Miles Morales and Shift, they find themselves in another New York City called Spider Empire. If it wasn’t already clear on the cover of issue 39, “Empire” belongs to the evil Myers clone called Selim. (It’s always a little silly.) Like any bloodthirsty tyrant before him, Selim controls the Big Apple with violence, intimidation, and fiery madness. But it’s not easy to forget that this is just another silly story about the multiverse, and Taurin Clarke’s cover is very disturbing. Aside from the tattoos on his face, Selim is quite possibly the worst pervert of the youthful, bad vibes we Myers usually portray. That, and the sheer joy he gets in tormenting Peter Parker, is the most heartbreaking betrayal of everything we know at the heart of Miles himself.Evil clone isn’t exactly a new trope, but this instance of it feels like it’s in us – You can’t help but look away when everything you know goes wrong. Quick, take us into the universe of commercially available memory erasing.

Black Adam #1

Variation Cover by Rafa Sandoval

Judging From the Cover – New Release 6/22/22

I hope I’m not alone, but I’m not for black adam A film with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. He keeps saying he’s not a superhero, but my trailer screams every antihero trope in the book. (What about that book? It was written by Michael Bay.) Fortunately, there is a brand new black adam A solo book from author Christopher Priest and artist Rafa Sandoval, they tell their own stories, far from any big-budget tie-in. If you really want to know how the story feels without spoiling it too much, just check out this variant cover from Sandoval himself. This rather powerful image should make you “nervous,” and that’s the heart of the story – the tension between Adam and the world, and even himself and his larger place in the world, and the plans for the eventual legacy . Its intensity is almost painful, which is what this book hopes to explore, as it takes a very real look at who Adam is beyond power and rage. Beat that, Mr. Johnson.

New Fantastic Four #1

Nick Bradshaw cover

Judging From the Cover – New Release 6/22/22

Just last week, Marvel announced The New Fantastic Four: Marvel Legends #1. Retro Collection Fantastic Four Questions about this All-Star team. If you think it’s all about fun, then you should enjoy living in your lovely bubble because it’s all just in preparation for another title, New Fantastic FourWritten by Peter David, Art by Alan Robinson and Mike Spicer, the story takes place after the four get together for the first time and promises mysterious villains and surprise guests. Do I love this cover as much as last week’s product? most. It doesn’t quite have the same level of drama and emotion (thanks to that posh-looking Ghost Rider). However, this cover from Nick Bradshaw does make each hero more unique, and we get more emotion and overall personality from all four. I’d buy this if they all paid taxes together – especially then! — but this cover is very well done, setting the mood for what is sure to be an interesting adventure story.

I hate this place #2

Cover by Artyom Topilin and Lee Loughridge

Judging by the cover

If you didn’t read question #1’s i hate this place, then I hate you.actually on the market flooded Frighteningly, the series’ debut is both captivating and emotional, focusing on the Trudy and Gabi couple – all without any hindrance, truly terrifying surroundings and overall sensibility. But if I hate you isn’t enough motivation to read question #2, just take a few minutes and study the cover. Does it again have the human element front and center? Yes, their connection and tension (as briefly implied here) is top-notch. But does it also have some clear ’80s horror movie vibe and some weird pseudo-metaphysical absurdity? You know!All of these should clearly indicate i hate this place Has huge potential and is already delivering in the early stages of developing a new and unique horror story. If you didn’t get into it before #3, then I’m totally disappointed.

Lonely Hunter #1

Tyler Crook’s cover

Judging From the Cover – New Release 6/22/22

Back in April, we told you lonely hunter, a new paranormal adventure from writer and artist Tyler Crook. In it, a young girl with family problems and an old man filled with regret join forces on a “stop…ancient evil paranormal road trip”. How did they get together? What’s with that sword? What are these “evil”? Don’t look for answers to your burning questions just yet; instead, let the cover excite you with its richness of fantasy and mystery. Because, of course, the cover does hint at what we’re going to get in the story, but it also feels a little abrupt and unbalanced — which does play a part in some of the tension and storytelling that defines issue #1. Unlike other covers, it’s a bit vague; more importantly, not knowing is so important to the story, and discovering it all feels like part of a larger adventure, rather than any actual “truth.” Also, the great sword is always inside.

Corner #1

Martha Webby’s cover

Judging From the Cover – New Release 6/22/22

i see Venomous Avenger When I was 8, I was almost certain it destroyed most of my emotions.So when faced with standard horror tropes, I’m often a little unsure of how to react, “Hey, we took a cute kid and turned their life into hell on earth!” And that’s mostly this new Source Point Press series of hooks corner, in which a young Avery and her family left Germany during World War II for a small town in France, where they found their home haunted (which may have something to do with their new “cat”, the titular Nook). I think what makes the cover effective is that, in addition to that very stark color palette, it tangentially references some other similar stories.the whole thing has Caroline (the, um, “child” on the door); some dora the explorer (I swear it’s not just a haircut); even like Bobby’s world (But if that happens in some damn nightmare dimension). Anyway, I really got this prototype for the first time in a while, and I hope the story conveys all this delicious visual madness.

Beware of the Eye of Odin #1

Cover by Tim Alderaan and Michelle Madsen

Judging From the Cover – New Release 6/22/22

The Vikings continued to have a really great “renaissance”, a lot of it with Thor even the most recent fare northerner. Doug Wagner ( plastic and vinyl Fame) joins the Nordic craze with artist Tom Odland Beware of the Eye of Odin. As the title suggests, it tells of a young prince who must return the famous Eye of Odin or “face death with boils and rot.”and our understanding of “basically what is Lord of the Rings “With the Vikings” features excellent covers by Alderaan and Michelle Madsen. Here, the couple really combines a lot of influences, like the vibe of a Saturday morning cartoon; a D&D-style two or two fantasy, and lots of help Dragon’s Nest (If you know it, you know it.) The end result is the perfect mix of stoic and goofy that seems to push the entire Viking style into a more pure realm of warmth and nostalgia. This is a great landing spot if you want to differentiate your Viking story, and it feels more powerful than some of the other recent offerings. Still, a super sick axe is involved.

Superman’s best friend Jimmy Olsen’s boss Perry White #1

Cover by Steve Lieber and Nathan Fairbairn

Judging From the Cover – New Release 6/22/22

if you read superman’s best friend jimmy olson, you know Matt Score and Steve Lieber forged some truly magical stuff. Sure, Olson has been around for decades and has been caught up in all kinds of scams, but the duo’s book also lets us get to know little Jimmy in new (and often hilarious) ways.Now, the Fraction-Lieber team is bringing some of that same power to the SPal Jimmy Olsen of superman Boss Perry White #1, this is probably the best comic book title of all time. Not only does it collect old-school stories about Metropolis’ greatest editors (including stories from Neil Kleid and Dean Haspiel and Brian Michael Bendis and Ivan Reis), but also new seven-page stories from Fraction and Lieber. But really, none of that matters, thanks to this Lieber-Nathan Fairbairn cover. Sure, it’s all a solid gimmick (god, look at Supes’ side-eye); but as someone who studied journalism and worked for a BFE Arizona tabloid, White’s feat certainly looked pretty good. That’s why these stories work: It’s only interesting until they’re truly thoughtful and poignant. Well, more editors should be seen as superheroes…

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