Jordan Peterson gets mad at swimsuit cover

Remember when Jordan Peterson said a few weeks ago that he left Twitter after receiving negative feedback from his unwarranted criticism of women’s bodies? Well, aside from tweeting almost every day, he didn’t miss that moment either. On a recent podcast with his daughter Mikhaila Peterson, known for dubious eating fads like the lion diet, senior Peterson relived the moment so passionately that he got himself excited endlessly. Just normal household items I guess.

Here, he goes on to equate finding the unattractive model Yumi Nu with a big conspiracy and a tendency for companies to lie to people. Companies often lie to people because they don’t have an all-encompassing model of humanity, talent, and beauty, so it’s meaningless.But there’s something about this video, it feels like he’s actually attracted to her or jealous of her and is venting his confusion to the Sports Illustrated. He can simply keep to himself what he thinks of her appearance, as I am trying to do for him as I write this.

While I know he disputes this for different reasons, I don’t want to completely deny his claims SI And others don’t do it for the sake of progress. Girlboss feminism, the Rainbow Cleanse and the Black Lives Matter movement show that these are often superficial concessions from companies. Representation doesn’t inherently solve a structural problem, but it’s still important. That’s the difference for most people who don’t drink Peterson Kool-Aid or Mikhaila branded supplements.

In addition to the clip, he went on to link this to social slurs and a whole host of other things he said on Twitter SI Choose a complete model. I’m sure there are people “dunking” in every part of the podcast because it’s an Olympic sport, but Peterson is the fruit of the low-key, and I’m just here to laugh.

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While it’s funny in a sad way, it’s not the worst cut. In another part of the podcast, he noted, “The most politically correct subjects are those that are also dominated by women and have the least bright students.”

When they briefly talked about how these disciplines made themselves important, Mikhail went on to say, “They create these whole ecosystems, so your degree in the humanities matters.” Before I could laugh, Peterson objected. He was quick to clarify: “Yes, your degree in women’s studies.” His daughter even apologized.

The reason he does this is that his two fields of interest, philosophy and psychology, have traditionally belonged to the humanities and humanities. Sociology, Anthropology, Social Work, History, Literature, Political Science, Intercultural Studies, etc. all juxtaposed with women and gender studies and his interests. If he admits it too broadly, he’ll make fun of himself… again.

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