Is Modern Warfare 2 the best Call of Duty game ever made?

The Call of Duty franchise has released many games, 17 separate indie games to be exact. With so many games on offer, there’s a lot of competition when ranked games are the mission. One of the strongest, if not the best Call of Duty titles is MW2. With the huge success of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, the pressure on Activision to provide a solid follow-up couldn’t be greater. To the delight of every supporter, they did a great job, and in honor of the spiritual sequel Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 2022, we want to pay tribute to them.

To highlight each part of the game, we have divided the segment into three parts. One for the campaign, one for special operations, and one for multiplayer.

Modern Warfare 2 Campaign

First, the game requires a strong storyline and stronger characters, which immerse players in a world created by the writers. MW2 has both spades and some of the best Call of Duty characters. From the beginning, you follow Captain Soap MacTavish. He’s your character throughout CoD 4: Modern Warfare, but he’s more experienced now. He reflects Captain Price’s calm, confident and efficient character. Along with the other characters of Task Force 141, we grow on the connection they already have with them through intense and fun missions.

Image: Infinity Ward

We found the level design to be quite unique, as there are various locations with a lot of detail. Also, the game creates suspense with its excellent soundtrack. When the game rhythm changes, the background music changes instantly. The campaign also does a great job of connecting with players emotionally. One example is in “Loose Ends” where our main characters Ghost and Roach are cheated on by General Shepherd (spoiler we guess, but we think time has passed).

This leads to a vengeance trip, provided by the original power duo Captain Price and Captain McTavish. The character’s mission now is revenge, a feeling that resonates with players. Beyond that, the gunplay is fluid and the targets are varied, leaving a void for a powerful MW3 climax. Overall, the second installment in the Modern Warfare series has a lot to go back and enjoy.

special forces

Spec Ops is a great addition for those looking for a player-versus-everything experience. There are 23 different missions covering five categories: Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta and Echo. After completing each category and earning a certain number of stars, more missions will be unlocked. If possible, you can try some levels with other players or friends. This adds to the replayability factor the series has never seen before.

The clear goals of each Spec Ops mission make it accessible to many players. The star system ensures that those looking for an extra challenge can try the All-Star Game. Plus, with upgrades enabled, there are plenty of reasons to keep fighting for victory. In fact, Spec Ops is so popular via online videos, threads and feedback that Activision will be reintroducing the mode in MW3 and Modern Warfare (2019).

Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer

Despite a strong campaign and a fun Spec Ops mode, it’s the multiplayer that has brought this game further into the hearts of franchise supporters. For multiplayer games to be successful, a lot of features are needed to function properly, and MW2 certainly does that. First, the game’s community and hype are at an all-time high. CoD 4: Modern Warfare has built a solid following and has naturally shifted itself to MW2. The original MW has sold more than 17 million copies, and the sequel will sell more than 25 million copies, showing the brilliance that fans are looking forward to.

Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer

The map pool is of course available, with 26 unique and vastly different maps to choose from. This in turn maximizes playability, as gamers don’t often play the same map 3-4 times in a session. Additionally, all maps offer many different play styles, such as Rust allowing SMGs and shotguns to run wild below. AR and snipers will be able to dominate the top of the central structure. Maps will also be set in different areas of the game world, with different climates and unique points of interest.

Game modes go hand in hand with map pools. There used to be 17 different options for players to choose from. This includes favorites like TDM, Domination, Free-for-all, Search and Destroy, and Capture the Flag. Even the current CDL modes of Hardpoint, SnD and Control would work perfectly with most classic maps if there were a true remake. Having a rich map selection and powerful game modes will only make the 2022 remake more successful.


This is the first game to introduce level 70 reputation for players. Although it takes over 2 million experience points to enter prestige for the first time, the game has encountered many challenges in helping players level up. In addition to this, players will receive unique rewards with their own Player Cards and Badges to show off each reputation earned. Now, we get to weapons. With 24 primary and 19 secondary weapons, there are multiple ways for everyone to engage in combat. Each weapon also has its own unique firing and reloading animations, as well as attractive camouflages.

This level of customization is huge in terms of perks, weapons, gear, and playstyle. Even though the original MW2 was released more than 13 years ago, it’s still an affectionate idea, and it’s now getting a redo in 2022. Few games in the industry can match the popularity of Modern Warfare 2, which propelled the multibillion-dollar franchise to remake one of the earliest games in its history. MW2 is truly the best game in the Call of Duty franchise.

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