iOS game review: GTA Trilogy Remake delayed, Apex Legends Mobile #1 and must-play new games

Grand Theft Auto V MotorcycleSource: Rockstar Games

This week at iOS Gaming, we learned we’re going to have to wait a little longer to play Rockstar’s GTA: Trilogy Remake on iOS, Apex Legends – unsurprisingly – a hit, and another A new way to play Fortnite on iPhone or iPad for free.

add! Get our advice on what’s new and what to play on iPhone and iPad. Let’s dive in, shall we?

GTA: Trilogy – The wait for the definitive edition continues

Grand Theft Auto V Seascape

Source: Rockstar Games

The news hidden in Rockstar owner Take-Two’s financial results this week is that GTA Trilogy Remake won’t be coming to iOS in the first half of this year, as originally announced.

Instead, the date set for the retouched PS2 classic is now a loosely “fiscal year 2023” — which could mean March 2023 at the latest.

This is probably a good thing. When these games hit PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch last November, they were a mess. In fact, it was so clunky that Rockstar pulled the PC version from its own digital store for a while so they could fix the game. After several updates and bug fixes, things seem to be more stable.

Let’s hope the extra time spent on the iOS ports means they’ll arrive better than on PCs and consoles, right?

Apex Legends Mobile is #1 in 60 countries

Apex Legends Mobile Home Screen Heroes

Source: Carli Velocci/iMore

EA’s wildly popular battle royale shooter finally took a global dip this week, reaching the top of the global charts not long after.

On its May 17 release day, it was the first iPhone game in 60 countries, and was the top 10 most downloaded iPhone game in 89 countries, according to mobile game numbers analyzer Sensor Tower. .

Our Carli got a good look at the game in our Apex Legends Mobile review earlier this week, and was surprised by how different it was from PC and console games (in a good way!).

We also have some quick tips for players who want to use a controller or voice chat in games elsewhere on the site.

Fortnite on iPhone

Source: Nvidia

After the big Apple vs Epic Games spat in court, it’s unlikely you’ll ever be able to play the battle royale phenomenon through the App Store again.

But wait! As my father said, there is more than one way to skin a cat. (I should add that he’s never actually skinned a cat. That’s horrible.) First, Xbox struck a deal with Epic Games to put Fortnite on its cloud gaming service for free, available through your browsing The player uses streaming media technology for playback.

Now it’s also available on Nvidia’s GeForce Now streaming service. It’s pretty much the same deal as Xbox Cloud Gaming – you can sign up for free and play right away. Like the Xbox, Nvidia hopes it will attract more people to pay for its premium service, which offers higher speeds and longer gaming sessions.

what to play this week

Crux great outdoors

Source: Nielon

The obvious choice this week is of course Apex Legends Mobile, but we’ve talked a lot about it.

So why not try Crux: The Great Outdoors? It’s an excellent climbing game, tricky, but equally satisfying. Crux is like a puzzle game, and each stage is about drawing a route to the summit using different sized hands and footholds – the bigger the grip, the longer the climber will have to fall.

You also move your arms and legs separately in a very unique way that subtly mirrors how you think about climbing (you use your feet as a base and your hands to feel the next possible move) . This is a very original and fun game that is rare on the App Store.

Starting today, Apple Arcade subscribers can also get some Mario Kart-inspired action in Warped Kart Racers, which combines the cast of Family Guy, American Dad!, King of the Hill and Solar Opposites into cartoon racing battles. It’s made by the racing pros at Electric Square, the producers of Apple Arcade racer Detonation Racing, so you know you’re having a great time.

And the final blow to Newtro – a neat Breakout-esque little game with cool Game Boy-esque visuals and very Zen music. It started out as a typical brick-breaking game, but then took the familiar formula to something weirder and funnier.

until next time!

- Neil Alexander Long

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