‘Battle for Pandora’ Trailer – ‘Avatar’ Mockbuster is a science fiction horror film starring Mohawk Tom Sizemore

‘Battle for Pandora’ Trailer – ‘Avatar’ Mockbuster is a science fiction horror film starring Mohawk Tom Sizemore

In this edition of the silver liningwe will be addressing mike garris Y Stephen Kingis unfairly slandered sleepwalkers!

For every successful Stephen King adaptation, there are usually a handful of minor projects lurking in its shadow. Of Dream Catcher a Lawn mower man, the King of Terror actually has quite a few box office bombs under its belt, and some fans justify this by claiming that the adaptations miss out on crucial internal monologues and emotional subtext. However, there is a Stephen King project that suggests there might be more to the median reception of some of these movies than the adaptation process.

Naturally, I mean Mick Garris’ sleepwalkers, the only time Stephen King wrote a story specifically for the big screen (or “scream,” as the posters gleefully advertised). By the early 1990s, King’s stories were already very popular properties at movie studios, so Columbia Pictures immediately accepted King’s offer to write an original screenplay for a new film.

Influenced by classic monster movies like 1942 cat peopleKing came up with a strange story about an incestuous couple of vampiric shapeshifters (Brian Krause Y Alice Krige) who move to a small town in Indiana while continuing their search for virgin victims to support them.

Although the study originally chose rupert wainwright to direct the feature, his insistence on rewriting parts of the story led King to advocate for another director to take Rupert’s place. This is how Mick Garris and Stephen King began their first partnership, with the writer specifically choosing Garris to take over. sleepwalkers due to his work in the underrated psycho IV.

With the film boasting an original script that would surprise even die-hard fans of King’s work and an up-and-coming genre director with a unique vision, it makes sense that fans and the media alike would expect sleepwalkers to be another horrible blow.


The Stephen King name goes a long way when it comes to putting butts on seats, so it stands to reason that sleepwalkers doubled its production budget of $15 million at the box office. Unfortunately, that didn’t help much with critics, as the movie currently sits at a disappointing 29% on Rotten Tomatoes. In fact, the film has even appeared on several “worst horror movie of all time” lists, and has become somewhat popular on the internet as a cinematic punching bag for online movie critics.

Many complaints were (and still are) directed at the film’s general lack of scares, with several critics comparing the film to a teen romance that features some goofy supernatural elements. There was also plenty of criticism directed at the absurd mythology surrounding the titular sleepwalkers, from their inexplicable superpowers to the exact rules behind their feeding rituals, not to mention their bizarre rivalry with house cats.

This lack of narrative cohesion extends to the rest of the film as well, as the picture never really decides on a single lead and simply blindly follows a random assortment of characters as they lurch towards a foregone conclusion. Madchen Amick‘s Tanya isn’t really fleshed out as anything more than a victim, and not enough time is spent on Krige and Krause to make them into proper anti-heroes.

The wide variation in tone was also a problem for most audiences, as the film transitions from slasher-inspired satire to serious family drama so quickly it’s likely to give some viewers whiplash. Individually, many of the film’s bizarre moments work (like the “no veggies, no dessert” line or the shocking removal of the arm), but these scenes never quite manage to hold the tension, making it hard to feel legitimate fear.


sleepwalkers alice krige

This isn’t the first time we’ve covered a Stephen King/Mick Garris team-up on The Silver Lining and I think there’s a reason for that. from NBC the glow a riding the bullet, these two storytellers have a habit of polarizing audiences with their old-school collaborations, which could have something to do with their specific set of storytelling influences. Both creators seem to rely on low-budget creature features and cheesy B-movies, and these cheesy elements are going full steam ahead in sleepwalkers.

Of coursesleepwalkers not a particularly scary movie, but not really to have be be. It’s pretty clear that the goal here was to make an intentionally absurd and thoroughly entertaining monster movie, and judging on those merits, I’d say sleepwalkers is an incredibly successful midnight movie. It’s a shame the general public didn’t see it that way in ’92.

Even if you’re not a fan of tongue-in-cheek retro horror, though, there are plenty of individually great elements here that would have been celebrated had they been part of other Stephen King projects. For example, the film pays as much attention to the Sleepwalkers duo as it does to Tanya’s family, allowing audiences to decide for themselves exactly how they should feel about these characters (although I admit it’s hard to sympathize with people who have cats). skinned in his front yard) .

Alice Krige She’s also phenomenal in her role as the sleepwalking matriarch, her performance ranging from legitimate menace to uproarious comic laugh without missing a beat (I mean, only she could have pulled off that corn-on-the-cob killing with a serious face). Additionally, the film boasts a collection of star-studded cameos that are sure to please fans of the genre.

Finally, I love the disgusting sphinx cat-like design of the titular monsters. The effects may not always be up to scratch, especially during transformations, but the costumes themselves are always creepy to look at. And the less said about that disturbing sex scene, the better…

Ultimately, I appreciate how sleepwalkers bizarre collection of idiosyncrasies makes it more fun than just a serious monster movie. not exactly It’s, but there’s a cartoonish sense of humor here that makes this bizarre movie worth revisiting 3 decades later. Plus, it’s sure to entertain bored house cats, as my own little fan of feline horror seemed intrigued by the cat-based mayhem of the story.

Seeing a bad movie doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad experience. Even the worst movies can boast a good idea or two, and that’s why we’re trying to look on the bright side with the silver liningwhere we shed light on the best parts of traditionally maligned horror movies.

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