Huron Plainsmen | Ames wins Miller’s feature

A warm evening at Miller’s Central Speedway sponsored by Nelson’s HB Seeds.

There was a nice crown and seventy-two cars in the pits.

The Pump N Pak pure stock had serious wrecks on the first and second laps of the first lap. Bruce Scott limped into the pits with a broken lever while the others started over. Camden Rassel was marked yellow and had to start over at the rear. Andy Brook took the lead on the first lap before Mike Hamill took over and beat Craig Hoffer, Curtis Johnson, Cody Songer and Wyatt Brook. It was Hammill’s 12th feature-length win in the class and first since July 27, 2019.

WISSOTA Street Stock took part in the night’s race, with front row starters Michael Bogh and Broc Stout hitting the wheels in the first round. Bogh’s tire punctured, and Stout’s warning sign was Bogh’s puncture. Stout lost fuel pressure in the fourth turn and had to be pushed in, finishing the night. Jodie Michaelsohn led the first two laps before Maria Broksieck took over.

Broksieck led three laps before Matt Goth took the lead. James Hoing swapped second with Broksieck several times to move up to third. On the final lap, Hoing was bitten on the outside and passed Goth for the win. Broksieck, Lane Johnson and Michaelsohn rounded out the top five. This is Hoing’s ninth feature film win, making him sixth on the list.

In the WISSOTA Superstock, last year’s champion Austin Arbogast led the first two laps before this year’s top dog Trevor Nelson took over and rounded out the top five with Robin Schmitt, Arbogast, Matt Johnson and Dale Tomes. It was Nelson’s 20th race win on the track.

WISSOTA Midwest tuner rolls out 21, Jayme Peterson leads first six laps, Lorin Johnson gasping in his neck until lead and run to his 82nd hometown win, also since July 27, 2019 ‘s first victory. Peterson was followed by Mike Nichols, Scott Hansen and Tommy Nichols.

The modification of WISSOTA goes beyond Mike Stearns, Kelly Duffy, Dave Brooker and James Hanley with Dale Ames. It was Ames’ seventh win at Miller Central, making him fifth on the winning list.

WISSOTA late models ended the night as last year’s winner Dustin Arthur beat Josh Skolchewski in 13 laps before Skolchewski took the lead and beat Cole Cilling, Arthur, Chad Becker and David MacDonald. It was Skorczewski’s 13th win at Miller.

Next week will be the debut of Tri-State Late Models. Therefore, WISSOTA Modifieds will have one night off.Start time is 7pm

Miller Central Raceway
June 11 results

WISSOTA post model
Main: 1. Josh Skorczewski, Aberdeen 2. Cole Searing, Huron 3. Dustin Arthur, St. Lawrence 4. Chad Becker, Aberdeen 5. David McDonald, Huron 6. David Carlson, Huron DNF: Rich Thomas , Aberdeen
Heat: Becker, Xilin, Skoczewski, Arthur, McDonald, Carlson, Thomas

Visota Modification
Main: 1. Dale Ames, Huron 2. Mike Stearns, Aberdeen 3. Kelly Duffy, Winner 4. Dave Brooker, Tulare 5. James Hanley, Cresbard
Heat: Ames, Stearns, Duffy, Brook, Hanley

WISSOTA Super Stock
Main: 1. Trevor Nelson, Warners 2. Nathan Grehl, Hitchcock 3. Austin Arbogast, Huron 4. Matt Johnson, Aberdeen 5. Dale Tomes, Dale Rapids 6. Dominique Menzia, Aberdeen 7 . Robin Schmidtt, Redfield 8. Dave Duff, Redfield 9. Doug Van Liere, Madison 10. Andrew Zastrow, Gann Valley DNF: Brad Kopecky, Miller
Heat 1: Nelson, Kopeki, Greer, Arbogast, Tomes, Menzia
Heat 2: Johnson, Schmidt, Van Leer, Duff, Zastro

WISSOTA Midwest Modification
Home Team: 1. Lorraine Johnson, Miller 2. Jamie Peterson, Highmore 3. Mike Nichols, Watertown 4. Scott Hansen, Garden City 5. Tommy Nee Coles, Watertown 6. Dawson Zabel, Selby 7. Adam Broadton, Huron 8. Jordan Keno, Miller 9. Lane Johnson, Miller 10. Connor Blumhardt, Bath 11. Britt Williams, Fort Pierre 12. Blake Meyer, Huron 13. Jake Wranek, Winnter 14. James Reiner, Wessington Springs 15. Chad Kopfmann, Alpena 16. Damon Hoftiezer, Fort Pierre 17. Paden Scott, Pierre 18. Jake Richardson, Gann Valley 19. Brandon Hoftiezer, Fort Pierre DNF: Jeff Rawstern, Blunt; Tony Trier, Clark
Heat 1: M. Nichols, T. Nichols, Kienow, Williams, Scott, Terrill, Richardson
Heat 2: Look.Johnson, Hansen, Meyer, Reiner, Kopfman, Bloomhart, Rostern
Heat 3: Zabel, La Johnson, Peterson, Brolton, Flanek, D. Hoftiezer, B. Hoftiezer

Visota Street Stock
Main: 1. James Hoing, Kimball 2. Matt Goth, Huron 3. Maria Broksieck, Goodwin 4. Lane Johnson, Miller 5. Jodie Michaelsohn, Aberdeen 6. Kyle Bertram, Dallas 7. Jayden Bogh, Huron 8. Michael Bogh, Huron 9. Kenny Clements, Madison 10. Ferlin Sheridan, Aberdeen 11. Travis Oxandaburu, Huron 12. Brandon Hammill, Miller 13. Jaida Sanderson, Aberdeen 14. Jace Baloun, Highmore 15. Wesley Wulf, Gann Valley DNF: Broc Stout, Winner DNS : Jordan Rothstein, Blunt
Heat 1: Stott, M. Bogh, Goth, J. Bogh, Hoing, Clements, Rawstern, Baloun, Bertram
Heat 2: Johnson, Broxick, Michelson, Sheridan, Hamill, Osanda Blue, Sanderson, Wolff

Pump N Pak Pure Stock
Main: 1. Mike Hammill, Miller 2. Craig Hoffer, Winner 3. Curtis Johnson, Miller 4. Cody Songer, Wolsey 5. Wyatt Brooker, Tulare 6. Andy Brooker, Tulare 7. Camden Rassel, Woonsocket 8. Mitch Scott, Fort Pierre DNF: Shawn Laskarewski, St. Lawrence; Bruce Scott, Pierre DNS: Sam Springer, Pierre
Heat 1: Hoffer, Raskarevsky, A. Brook, W. Brook, M. Scott
Heat 2: Hamill, Johnson, B. Scott, Russell, Songer, Springer

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