Hassan Abbey responds to Jordan Peterson’s hilarious threat to leave Twitter after being asked to make controversial remarks

Clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson recently took to Twitter to criticize a woman’s body, which Hasan “HasanAbi” and many others took to task. The doctor announced he was leaving Twitter due to insults to the psychologist.

This led HasanAbi to slam the psychologist in several tweets for claiming to be leaving Twitter but continuing to post regularly.

Hassan Abbey Jordan Peterson roasted after controversial statement led him to ‘leave Twitter’

Jordan Peterson’s criticism of plus-size model Yumi Nu has not been well-received, and he has come under further fire for claiming to have left Twitter due to the backlash.

The whole ordeal started when Jordan Peterson commented on plus-size model Yumi Nu on the cover of the 2022 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition. According to the psychologist, she was “not pretty.”

While some agreed with his stance, Hassan Abbey and others were quick to lash out at the man’s tweets.

After the medical professional chose to publicly insult women’s beauty on Twitter, Hassan Abbey highlighted an image of Jordan Peterson, using the exact quote the latter used to insult Yumi Nu. The backlash led to Peterson’s decision to leave Twitter.

I plan to write an article soon about the technical reasons Twitter is driving us all crazy. bye for now. twitter.com/jordanbpeterso…

When Peterson’s departure from Twitter made news, Hassan took to the platform to call on psychologists to leave the Birds app after being roasted.

On top of that, Hassan noted that despite posting and pinning a tweet saying he was leaving Twitter, the psychologist continued to tweet and retweet topics of interest to the man.

This guy has tweeted 15 times since he posted he was leaving lmaooo https://t.co/GOFG2OukRz

Although Peterson said he told his employees to change his password. If he has an opinion, he will write an article/make a video. Still, that didn’t stop him from continuing to post on the platform, which led to more reactions from users on the social media site.

Twitter’s reaction to Hassan and Jordan Peterson

Peterson’s quote and then off the platform certainly got people on the site talking. Many were glad he was leaving, or made fun of the psychologist who was still posting despite his resignation.

It’s often said on the internet that there’s a Dril tweet for everything, and this was no exception, with one Twitter user highlighting a post from a ridiculously humorous Twitter user in 2015.

@hasanthehun @jordanbpeterson This is really a bad choice. She’s on point, maybe I don’t like any Photoshopped woman. IDK, but of course I think he deserves the hatred this time.

@hasanthehun @jordanbpeterson This guy basically walks into a public place, throws a big garbage on the floor, gets yelled at for granted, and announces he’s leaving, lol

Even though the popular streamer is better than Jordan Peterson, some users agree with the psychologist, although most are happy to see him go.


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