Harley Quinn earns better than Black Adam’s latest insult

When Black Adam called out Harley Quinn, the former villain was struck by an assessment of her character that had been untrue for years.

Warning: Contains spoilers Dark Crisis #1!

dark crisis Just saw Jon Kent form a new Justice League, but not every hero invited is known for playing well, resulting in black adam The purpose is Harley Quinn. Both characters have complex histories of heroism; they came from villains, and even now, they are often called antiheroes. However, Blake Adam’s bashing of Harley Quinn is especially unfair given Harry’s recent efforts to embrace the life of a true hero in her solo series.

Black Adam and Harry rarely appear together in the DC Universe.Recently, Black Adam co-starred in Justice League, where he worked with some of the world’s greatest heroes.when he attended the death of the league Justice League #75he lives to tell the story dark crisisMeanwhile, Harley Quinn has been starring in her own series as Joker’s sidekick, and she’s earnestly trying to atone for her past sins. She’s on her way to becoming a vigilante like the rest of the Bat family.

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exist Dark Crisis #1 Written by Joshua Williamson, Daniel Sampere, Alejandro Sanchez and Tom Napolitano, Jon Kent stepped up as the new Superman to build a new one after the original died. Justice League. Many heroes are reluctant to join a new alliance so soon, so Superman’s team — including Harley Quinn — is particularly eclectic; Black Adam is quick to point out a fact. He criticized most recruits and said of Harley: “That one is unstable and also stabs you in the back.Harry grudgingly agreed with him, but was offended by the pointed comment.

Black Adam insults Harley Quinn in Dark Crisis

While Harry agrees with Black Adam’s comments, the summary doesn’t match her modern story. In her solo series, Harley Quinn has been a pretty steady presence in the lives of her friends, including a man named Kevin and a bunch of other former “Jokers” who are also used by Jokers. Harley Quinn recently backed Catwoman in her own adventure, and she never fails, trying to save her beloved poison ivy. Betrayal has never been in Harry’s nature, and she’s been particularly focused on proving herself to Gotham’s heroes lately. This insult from Black Adam is a throwback to her character, which fits perfectly with the gruff anti-hero, but sadly Harry wrote to vouch for his evaluation.

dark crisis Characters from the DC Universe are being combined for an epic story, but Harley Quinn and Black Adam are clearly not going to mix. Black Adam’s insult to Harry – calling her “unstable” and backstabbing despite her enormous efforts to become a true hero – is a callback to a previous iteration of her character, not what she became people.as Harley Quinn continue to appear in dark crisisshe is expected to prove black adam wrong and support the new Justice League as she proves her hero.

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