‘Go back to sleep, you old bitch’: Twitter crudely mocks Jordan Peterson for deliberately misleading Elliott page

Elliott Page has been in talks after revealing his role has changed in the latest season of The Umbrella Academy. In 2020, the actor came out as a transgender male. This change was later incorporated into the script for the third season of the Netflix series. His character Vanya becomes Victor. In a recent interview, Elliott Page shared the positive reaction from fans to the change. But some people seem to have doubts about it.

Elliott Page’s role changes in The Umbrella Academy

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Among them was Jordan Peterson, who deliberately sexist actors and was brutally trolled.

Jordan Peterson deliberately mistaken Elliott Page’s gender in a recent tweet

Jordan Peterson deliberately mistaken Elliott Page's gender in a recent tweet
Jordan Peterson deliberately mistaken Elliott Page’s gender in a recent tweet

Jordan Peterson is a clinical psychologist, author, and YouTube personality. In the 2010s, he began to gain widespread attention as a public intellectual for his views on cultural and political issues. He is often called a conservative. Even he tends to describe himself as a “classic British liberal” and a “traditionalist”. And his recent tweet about the actor who came out and revealed that he is a trans male seems to point it out nicely.

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In the tweet, the psychologist conveniently referred to Elliot Page as “she,” despite the fact that he now uses the pronouns he and he. He even referred to him as “Ellen Page” in a tweet, which was accompanied by a New York Post tweet with the actor’s name. The tweet was wrong on many levels, and Twitter has an accurate response.

Twitter brutally attacks Jordan Peterson

Jordan Peterson slams rudely on Twitter
Jordan Peterson slams rudely on Twitter

Twitter users responded appropriately to Jordan Peterson’s tweet on Elliot Page. He deliberately misjudged the gender of the actor and got what he deserved. Twitter is full of troll tweets about the personality that have brought him back in a big way. Many blamed his actions. He even shut down his comments shortly after tweeting.

Check out some of the tweets below:

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Jordan Peterson got the response he deserved, as did his public comments about the actor during Pride month. Month that people must let go of this bias and be more open and accepting of gender diversity in the community.

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