GMLOKS and LFCMC teams make the nation a real team

2022 Women’s True Team Section 1A Champion, Grand Meadow/LeRoy-Ostrander/Kingsland/Southland. The 2021 state champion will travel to Stillwater to defend his title. GMLOKS boys also earned state eligibility through a “wild card.”
Photo by Aaron Thorwald

No other Section 1A track has been as successful as GMLOKS and LFCMC over the past two-plus seasons. Last year, both their men’s and women’s teams competed in the state real team (both finished in the top three). The teams at LFCMC have been successful for the past three years. The girls at GMLOKS have been in shape the past two seasons, winning the state championship last year. Both the GMLOKS and LFCMC squads are in state again.
The GMLOKS girls will defend their true team title. Aaron Thauwald’s group (877) claimed their third consecutive 1A title over nearest foes LFCMC (838), Lake City (779) and Chatfield (730.5). Junior Anika Reiland took the lead, finishing first in the 100 (12.39), 200 (25.85) and 400 (1:01.5). Lexy Foster is her number one accomplice. She set firsts in shot put (35’5 ¼’) and discus (117’6″). Chantle Reiland (2nd 100, 3rd 200), McKenna Hendrickson (2nd 800, 3rd 1,600) and Naomi Warmka (4th 1,600, 4th 3,200) with two separate top fives. Shelby Baker (4th pole vault), Rebecca Hoffman (4th batting) and Briely Galle (4th batting) 300 hurdles) in top 5. Girls 4×200 (2nd place > C-Reiland, Galle, Grace Soltau, Anna Oehlke) 2nd place. 4×400 (Beck, Lauren Queensland, Kendyl Queensland, Oehlke) 2nd place 3. 4×800 (Beck, Maddy Bhend, L-Queensland, K-Queensland) finished 4th. Women’s runner-up at LFCMC was driven by depth. Lynsey Ruen (1st 300-H > 49.08, 4th 100-H) and Brielle Ruen (2nd 400, 4th 200) each with two separate top five finishes.

2022 Men’s True Team Section 1A Champion, Lanesboro/Fillmore Central/Mabel-Canton. LFCMC won the True Team class for the first time since 2009 (they have earned “wild card” qualifications for the past three years). LFCMC girls also qualify for the state through a “wild card.”
Photo by Kristi Luen

B-Ruen added a sixth (100). Madison Simon and Addie Miner won the pole vault (9’0″). Kammry Broadwater (4th triple jump, 6th discus) had two top six finishes. Lillyan Kiehne (1,600th) 2nd), Kayla Herrickson (3rd H-Jump) and Chloe Miller (5th 300-H) add to the top five. 4×400 (Miner, L-Ruen, Kinley Soiney) , Broadwater) for 2nd. 4×800 (3rd > Brooklyn Simon, M-Simon, Sahara Moken, Morgan Pickett) for 3rd. Burro girls get in with a “wild card”. Chatfield is the best The finishers were Zayda Priebe (2nd shot and discus), Lexi Kivimagi (1st 3,200 > 12:36.64), Anna Kivimagi (3rd 300-H), Lauren Cole (5th H jump), Emma Mulhern (5th draw, P-Vault) and Rebecca Copeman (5th P-Vault). Girls 4×200 (Lauryn Daniels, Evy Goldsmith, Saige Schild, Cole) finished 4th. Aubryanna Boldt leads RPH (1st 1 300-H > 16.51, 3rd T jump).
LFCMC Boys Athletics has been a “wild card” in each of the past three years. Injuries have always been a problem. They impacted the team again in this year’s 1A race (hurdle standout JT Rein didn’t play and Seth Semmen was injured while running 100). But Alex Aiken’s children persevered (858) and outpaced nearest foes St. Charles (839), GMLOKS (813) and Chatfield (755.5) to win their third since 2009. A 1A true team champion. Burros didn’t finish first. Jayce Kiehne (2nd H jump, 4th 1,600), Will Harvey (3rd 110-H, 3rd 300-H), Carson Ruen (3rd 3,200, 5th 1,600) and Jordan Peter Sen (4th T-jump, 5th 200th) had two top-five finishes. Semmen (3rd discus), Jacob Peterson (4th discus), Isaac Snyder (5th 800) and Chase Christianson (5th H jump) added to the top five. 4×400 (Snyder, Christianson, Luke Ruen, Kiehne) and 4×800 (Kyle Daniels, Snyder, L-Ruen, Kiehne) finished second. 4×100 (Sam Springer, Michael Rein, L-Ruen, Kiehne) finished fourth. Third-place GMLOKS was led by James Howard, who won 200 (22.77), finished second in 100, and had two sixths (L-Jump, H-Jump-tie). Throwers Riley Paul (shot > 51’1″) and Christian Luthe (1st discus > 128’6″, 3rd shot) also won the game. Garrison Hubka had two (1,600, 3,200) and Zach Reiland (300-H) a single second. 4×800 (Andrew Imm, Tate Georgen, Erik Shaw, Josh Meskill) finished fourth. The Bulldogs became state through “wild cards” (as did St. Charles). Fourth place Chatfield is led by Sam Backer (100th > 11.23, 2nd 200). Eli Hopp (No. 400), Logan Thompson (No. 3,200) and Isaac Erding (No. 5 P-Vault) rounded out the top five. 4×800 (Gabe Erding, Adam Pagnano, Alex Rowland, Treyton Lanning) finished third. 4×200 (I-Erding, Thad Evans, Tobin McMahon, Backer) finished fourth. The fifth-place RPH was led by the exploits of Tyler Rislov (1st 3,200 > 10:19.7, 1,600th). Aaron Prinsen (2nd P-Vault), Jackson Bergan (2nd Discus), Dalton Hoel (3rd 400), Quintin Betthauser (5th 110-H) and Gregg Gile (5th T-Jump) Added top five. The boys 4×400 finished fourth (Q-Betthauser, A-Prinsen, Austin Agrimson, Hoel).

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