Dwayne Johnson returns with ‘animal’ legs after mushy Father’s Day

It seems that Dwayne Johnson’s daughters Jasmine aka Jazzy and Tiana Gia aka “Tia” are finally free of all the shenanigans they put dad through, at least for Father’s Day. Instead, they gave him hugs and flowers, and the real-life Iron Man, aka, turned mushy.

When it comes to his young daughters, it’s clear that Dwayne Johnson doesn’t think they can do anything wrong, and he always has time for them, which is so sweet that it makes Reese Witherspoon cry.

First, Dwayne Johnson provides inspiration for all dads

Instagram | rock

In a sweet video aimed at all fathers around the world, Johnson said: “Happy Father’s Day to all fathers in this crazy big world.” He went on to wish all dads who set an example for their children by working hard for their families with both hands, Basically good people.

Fans filled his post with comments calling him a great dad and wishing him a Happy Father’s Day.

Johnson also wrote a detailed caption for the post, wishing every father a Happy Father’s Day, saying “Be proud of your name and be a shining example to your children with a tireless work ethic and kind, kind, decent people in It’s really important in this life.”

Now he might be playing the antihero in “Black Adam,” but IRL, The Rock seems like a straight guy.

He also gave a shout-out to all dads who are no longer with them, writing: “Whether you’re in a good relationship or (like me), that thing is complicated – let’s lift it up Wine glasses, try to remember the good things. Happy Father’s Day, men.”

Obviously, Johnson loves being a dad as he goes on to write “How we get the best jobs in the world, lead by example and raise our kids. Tender but tough. Firm but fair. And loving all the time. Let’s enjoy our special day … We’ll go back to work tomorrow.”

Here’s what The Rock had to say:

Dwayne Johnson knocked down by daughters’ ‘kindness’

Dwayne Johnson with his two daughters Tiana and Molly
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Another of his Father’s Day posts showed one of his daughters running towards him, with Johnson holding a bouquet of small flowers and holding her in a bear hug. The seconds-long video played Beyonce’s song “Dad,” which was long enough for Reese Witherspoon to write, “Now I’m crying.”

Not only did his daughters make him happy, they seemed to teach Dad Dwayne an invaluable lesson about kindness, as The Rock writes in the video’s caption, “Kindness is a powerful gift. You guys. Both are endowed with infinite kindness, passion and love, and that is how the world will hear from you one day.”

Here’s a sweet video with Johnson’s caption, “Thanks to Jazzy and Tia for making Dad a great day. You’re only 6 and 4 years old, but the kindness and love you keep giving T-Rex Dad, Made my heart melt. You have no idea what this Father’s Day move means to me. One day you will.”


Of course, this was the first time in a while that his young daughters had freed him from all the pranks they had done on him, including painting on him and smashing him in the face with the mixture in the bathroom. like this:

He mentions a mustache, beard and a one-line eyebrow, but he seems to forget another aspect, so his wife Lauren Hashian reminds him, “Don’t forget the little earrings they gave you too! 😂😂😂”.

Back to Rock’s “Black Adam” Training

Dwayne Johnson returns to leg training after Father's Day
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After eating muddle for his young daughters, Johnson is back in rock and roll, doing his day job for Black Adam, and as his fans put it, “You’re ready for Olympia.”

His caption was simple and heartfelt, “Don’t be gentle.”

More comments below:

“Born to be normal, then turned himself into another animal!”

“Do you believe in love at first sight?”

This is Rock, in all his glory, doing his Black Adam training. Cool t-shirt, isn’t it?

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