Draymond Green cools spat with Celtics


Jaylen Brown, Boston Celtics

Draymond Green and the Boston Celtics have been going back and forth throughout the NBA Finals, with the Golden State Warriors star leaning toward his role as an opponent.

However, now that the series is over and the Warriors are crowned champions, Green has become more polite about the Celtics’ performance in the Finals. In fact, the four-time NBA champion recently spoke about Boston’s future championship hopes, assuming they keep their core intact.

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“You have to give them a lot of trust. That team isn’t going anywhere. That team is going to come back. You better believe that this team is going to come back…if we’re in the near future I wouldn’t be surprised to see this team — when we’re done — win a championship at some point,” Green said on an episode of “The Draymond Green Show” on June 16. shoot.

The Celtics ended the season as runners-up after failing to win Game 6 against the Warriors on June 16 — even though the learning experience this postseason provides has been invaluable.

Draymond drags Celtics down after win

Green may be talking enthusiastically about the future of the Celtics and how they are built for continued success, but he was photographed wearing a hand-modified Celtics shortly after the Warriors left the TD Garden. People team t-shirt.

While Celtics fans may not take it lightly, Green’s infidelity speaks to his personality type and how he accepts his role with the Warriors. Although, if Boston and the Golden State Warriors face off again in the Finals next season, that trolling effort could bite him again — but there’s still a lot of basketball to play until then.

Klay Thompson sends strong message to Celtics

During the Celtics’ final few games against the Warriors, it was clear that they were caught up in a spat with officials. In almost every possession, at least one player can be seen yelling at the referee from the sidelines, and often that means they’re not back on defense or filling their place on offense.

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“Honestly, I don’t think we’re too focused on it. We have the mentality for the next game. We’re just worried about getting a good shot in those moments, not what other teams are talking about…if you Talk to officials outside all night, and you can get in your way,” Thompson told media coverage of the Warriors’ June 16 victory.

Arguing with officials is nothing new on the Celtics, we’ve seen them all season. In fact, one of Jayson Tatum’s biggest developmental needs this summer is learning how to move on to the next game, whether it’s a bad decision or absorbing too many touches. As team leader, Tatum sets a tone for the rest of the roster, so when they see him bickering after every no-call, it encourages the rest of the team to do the same — a pair of Grant Williams is attractive in the final weeks of the playoffs.

Boston may have lost the NBA Finals, but after seeing the “next level” they need to reach, they’ll come back next season as a stronger unit with a better understanding of how to win an NBA championship.


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