Does Benedict Maturin deserve the 5th pick?

People look at the lottery order after the 2022 NBA draft lottery: David Banks – USA TODAY Sports

We’re officially into June, marking the start of this year’s NBA Finals, as well as the 2022 NBA draft month, which will take place on June 22. The Detroit Pistons have the fifth pick and a lot of possibilities.

With several talents hovering near the top of the lottery, fans are divided. Like most draft picks, player stocks go up and down and will continue until the day of the draft.

One player whose stock is trending higher is guard Benedict Maturin from Arizona.

After an All-American sophomore season, Maturin entered this year’s NBA draft. He’s projected to be Arizona’s first lottery pick since Deandre Ayton was drafted No. 1 overall in 2018.

While Maturin isn’t predicted as a five pick in most mock drafts, the order outside of the top three is far from certain, and it’s even possible the Pistons could end up with another pick in the top 10.

Regardless, the Canadian is certainly one of the players the Pistons are watching, and if his stock continues to rise, he could end up in Detroit. Here’s a look at his strengths and weaknesses, and how he fits into Detroit’s current roster.

Detroit Pistons draft: Benedict Maturin’s advantage

At 6-foot-6, 210 pounds and a 6-foot-9 wingspan, Maturin has excellent physicality on the wing. It’s no secret that the Detroit Pistons are building a lineup that centers around several factors, including size and skill.

Mathurin’s size is perfect for a Pistons shooting guard, and he can play alongside Cade Cunningham, Saddiq Bey, Jerami Grant and Isaiah Stewart.

Offensively, Maturin has one of the most unique skill sets in this draft. The former Wildcats are an excellent cutter, often moving off the ball and roaming the court in search of easy baskets.

Mathurin’s movement is a huge part of his offense and a springboard for most of his scoring chances. On the perimeter, Maturin thrived on Arizona’s offense, whose career style allowed him to run out of screens to find catch-and-shoot opportunities and drive straight to the rim, similar to how NBA shooting guards do every night. look.

Last season, Maturin averaged a team-high 17.7 points per game for the Wildcats, who finished 33-4 and won the PAC-12 championship.

As far as his off-the-ball movement is concerned, Maturin is an excellent three-point shooter. Last season, the Canadians shot just under 37 percent from long range and attempted more than six 3-pointers per game.

Mechanically, Maturin’s jump shot is excellent, with excellent lift and a solid release point. Whether he’s running under screens, picking-and-rolling, or just catching and shooting from a standstill, Maturin’s jump shot is excellent, and he rarely changes his motion to shoot.

At this point, Maturin’s biggest trait may be his athleticism, which he showed in various ways at Arizona. When he’s not looking for shots on the perimeter, Maturin is looking for ways to get into the paint and is often on the second line for alley-oops, dunks and layups.

These sorts of finishes are also common in transition, with Maturin willingly filling the lane and often passing opposing defenses to the rim for easy scoring.

With excellent off-ball movement, knock-down jumper and NBA-level athleticism, Maturin has all the ingredients to be a solid starter and make a direct contribution to an NBA team.

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