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Battlefield 2042 changes the traditional four-tier system and lets you play as an expert, international soldier with different gear and abilities. Here’s every expert in Battlefield 2042.

Battlefield 2042 has replaced the traditional class system, including Specialists who belong to one of four classes – Scout, Assault, Support, and Engineer.

While you can use any weapon with any specialist, they each have different gadgets and abilities that make them specialize in certain situations.

Battlefield 2042 launched with 10 Experts to choose from, with more being added to the Battle Pass each season. Battlefield 2042 Season 1 is almost here, so we’re breaking down each expert and their abilities.

Battlefield 2042 Engineer Expert

Evelina Liss

  • feature: Armor Hunter
  • specialized: anti-vehicle

Ewelina Lis is the first Expert Battlefield 2042 has received since its release, arriving as part of the Season 1 Battle Pass.

Owned by Polish anti-vehicle specialist Lis Armor Hunter Traits This enables her to discover vehicles automatically.she also has G-84 TGM Player-guided missile launcher, which allows her to control the rocket as it flies.


Battlefield 2042 Boris Expert
  • feature: Sentinel operator
  • specialized: SG-36 Sentry Gun

As a member of the Engineer class, Pytor “Boris” Guskovsky will be your squad’s heavy weapons specialist, especially adept at defending targets.

Boris can be deployed SG-36 Sentry Gun As his specialty, engages enemies and vehicles automatically.

He has Sentinel operator His trait’s ability, increases the effectiveness of the Sentinel when he is standing nearby, and “spots enemy targets when the Sentinel gun locks on to the enemy in question”. Note, however, that Sentry Guns can be powered by EMPs.


Battlefield Ireland 2042 Expert
  • feature: veteran
  • specialized: defense system

Kimble “Irish” Graves is the latest Battlefield 2042 expert to play a major role in the Exodus short. The Irishman, one of the main characters in Battlefield 4’s storyline, is now looking for his revenge in 2042.

As another engineer, the Irish can use defense system Place “DCS to deploy cover to protect against bullets and explosives, and APS-36 to down Sentinel to shoot down explosive projectiles.”

Because of his characteristics, the Irish veteran. This allows him to provide armor with “extra bonuses from downed enemies”.

Battlefield 2042 Scouting Specialist

Battlefield 2042 Navin Roa Expert
  • feature: Trojan network
  • specialized: cyber suit

Navin Roa would be the perfect expert to sneak up on enemies and destroy their targets.

his Trojan network Trait allows him to chop down an enemy, killing them to reveal all nearby enemies.he can use his cyber suit Take control of enemy equipment and electronics in the world, such as raising bollards from a distance to cut through enemy vehicles.

Bai Zhishun

Battlefield 2042 Baek Ji Soo Expert
  • feature: threat perception
  • specialized: EMG-X Scanner

Although a scouting specialist, Korean specialist Ji-Soon Paik is particularly effective against aggressive players.

she threat perception The trait flags any enemy who harms her, so whoever plays her will be fully aware in combat.

with her EMG-X Scanner Essentially acts as a wall mount, highlighting nearby enemies through the wall. Depending on its scope, it can be a very powerful tool in the hands of skilled players.


Battlefield 2042 Casper Expert
  • feature: motion sensor
  • specialized: OV-P reconnaissance drone

Scouting Specialist Wikus “Casper” Van Daele is a South African soldier best suited for players who enjoy a scouting role on their team.

This Scout Specialist can use their trait to detect nearby enemies motion sensor, if the enemy gets too close, the screen will flicker.And for his expertise, he deployed OV-P reconnaissance drone.

Drones will display enemy locations, destroy electronics, and can be controlled manually or autonomously. It can also be used to “designate the target of the locked weapon”.

Battlefield 2042 Assault Specialist


Battlefield 2042 Bulldozer Expert
  • feature: Explosion-proof
  • specialized: SOB-8 Bulletproof Shield

San Diego “Bulldozer” Espinosa will be the expert you want to lead an offense, using his ballistic shield and blast resistance to take a ton of damage.

bulldozer Explosion-proof Trait’s behavior is very similar to EOD in Warzone, where he can take more explosive damage than normal soldiers. And it doesn’t seem to affect him, so he can be accurate all the time.

and SOB-8 Bulletproof Shield Making him the perfect point guard, he can absorb any damage he takes and is a great distraction for his teammates. Also, he still seems to be able to damage and kill enemies while using the shield.


Battlefield 2042 Sundance Expert
  • feature: wingsuit
  • specialized: smart explosives

French specialist Emma “Sundance” Rosier is the most mobile character in the game, able to glide across the map.

their characteristics, wing suit, Allow Sundance to fly quietly across the map.They will have more lethal equipment because smart explosives The feat lets them switch between using anti-armor, EMP, and shot grenades.

Webster McKay

Webster Mackay Battlefield 2042 Expert
  • feature: agile
  • specialized: grapple

Webster Mackay is a Canadian Assault Specialist, perfect for flanking enemies and hitting them in the face.Using his expertise grapple Quickly browse massive maps. Hitting the surface will pull you towards the attachment point for some nifty flanking maneuvers.

Mackay also has agile trait, which allows him to be a hard target by moving faster while aiming for sight.

Battlefield 2042 Support Specialist


Battlefield 2042 Angel Expert
  • feature: trauma specialist
  • specialized: loading box

Romanian Specialist Constantin “Angel” Anghel is your squad’s frontline medic as he acts more like the medic from previous Battlefield games.

Players complained about being too slow to revive in beta, but his trauma specialist Trait that allows him to revive players faster and restore their armor.

And in more support than medical veins, the angels can drop a loading box This allows the player to choose another loadout without redeploying.

Maria Falk

Maria Falk Battlefield 2042 Specialist
  • feature: combat surgeon
  • specialized: S21 Syrette Pistol

Maria Falck is a German specialist who takes on your squad’s medical role, quickly healing teammates and restoring them to health.

she uses S21 Syrette Pistol She can heal herself and her teammates in the distance. Her trait is combat surgeon, This allows her to restore health to allies. Additionally, Syrette Pistol will damage enemies if in a pinch.

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Image Credit: EA/DICE

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