Celtics’ Robert Williams III endures severe pain in NBA Finals

The Celtics big man’s road to recovery was complicated, and he made it to the NBA Finals in the process. It now appears that this may be worse for him than initially thought.

Celtics Robert Williams III has been in pain

As unbelievable as it may sound, Celtics’ Robert Williams III is back on the court less than a month later after undergoing corrective surgery to repair a torn meniscus on March 30. It’s Game 3 of Boston’s first-round series against the Brooklyn Nets in the 2022 NBA playoffs. In retrospect, that seems like a mistake, since every game since the Celtics center was listed as problematic before it was reported. why do you ask? According to reports, Williams III has been playing in severe pain, but it must be said that he had the guts and courage.

“Honestly, I take it every day,” Williams III said. “I feel fine now, and then the next few hours will be sore. I try to take it every day.” The unfortunate situation is made worse by the fact that he became an integral part of the league’s best defense during his season with Boston. He ranks fourth in the league in blocks per game with 2.2 and even made the All-Defensive Second Team in the NBA.

Timing couldn’t have been worse for Celtics or Robert Williams III

Now with their backs to the wall, there’s no room for error in the NBA Finals, the Celtics are down 3-2 to the Golden State Warriors, and if one thing is clear, it’s that Robert Williams III was missed And, worse, just can’t deliver what he usually does. In fact, this has been the case since his return to court, as evidenced by the following facts: He averaged 22.3 minutes per game in the playoffs, about seven less than his regular-season average.

“It’s very important to me,” Williams III said. “It’s hard to deal with. Adrenaline and energy dominates when I’m on the court, so I don’t really think about it during the game, but it does benefit me a lot.” When asked what getting him ready to play involved, Williams III admitted he didn’t like the constant repetition of therapy, calling it “boring” and “repetitive,” before explaining the process. “Ice compresses, deep tissue massage, therapy, wait three or four hours, then restart the process until [it’s time to sleep],” he said. “It’s usually the same procedure. Maybe a little BFR [blood flow restriction training] It’s everywhere, but it’s usually the same ritual. “

Robert Williams III’s knee complications don’t stop there

Believe it or not, Williams III actually has to endure a lot more to play for his team. It is understood that in the Eastern Conference finals game against the Miami Heat, Williams’ knee was often strained. “I really exhausted my knees last series,” Williams III confirmed. “In my opinion, I stopped pumping because it didn’t make sense. My knees kept filling up with fluid. So, I kind of learned how to manage it to play.”

Celtics head coach Imeudoka weighs in

“We’ll take what he can give us,” Celtics coach Udoka said. “If he can go, we’ll monitor him accordingly. If he can’t go, we understand. Rob is a fighter. That’s why we love him.” Love him and they did the right thing because it’s clear what Williams III put up with in order to play. On several occasions he could be seen limping, visibly in pain. That being said, the big man has no intention of throwing in the towel when his team still has a chance at a championship. “S***, we’re trying to win,” Williams III said. “It’s crazy. I’m living my dream right now. Obviously it would be better if we won, but all I have to do is be accountable to my team. Let them know I’m here by any means and hopefully get the message across to everyone else.”

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