Mutilating our bodies | Bethel McGrew

TonThere are many memorable moments in Matt Walsh’s provocative new documentary What is a woman? But perhaps most chilling was when Walsh sat down with Scott (Kelly) Nugent, a woman who underwent sex-change surgery at the age of forty-two physiological female. Today, Nugent was outspoken about her transition regrets. Her voice trembled with anger when … Read more

The most common characteristic of mass shooters – their gender – receives little media attention

The Buffalo and Uwald mass shooters who killed 31 people had something in common: Both used legally purchased AR-15-style rifles. Both are only 18 years old. But perhaps most overlooked by the corporate media is one common trait worth commenting on: They’re all male. Academics, activists and even health care professionals have long emphasized the … Read more

How the John Deere Classic Director Attracts Top Young Golf Talent

Cornfields near John Deere headquarters in Silvis, Illinois are often knee-high 4th July.That’s how Webb Simpson remembers them, returning to the northwest corner of Lincoln Land for the first time in more than a decade for the TPC Deere Run at the PGA Tour’s John Deere Classic, which is celebrating its 50th anniversaryth Version. Simpson, … Read more

Jordan Peterson suspended from Twitter for post mentioning trans actor

Best-selling author and psychologist Jordan Peterson was banned from Twitter after he made comments related to transgender actors, his daughter Mikhail Peterson said on the platform. “Wow. @jordanbpeterson strikes on Twitter,” she said wrote. “Stop tweeting until he deletes this tweet. Currently @elonmusk is definitely not a free speech platform.” This Twitter post shows a … Read more

I can’t watch bad movies so you don’t have to

palate cleaning images The right has decided that their control of tickets to Congress is to make people afraid of sex. They’ve been doing it ever since, but they’re nothing without committing to the classics. The current iteration raises fears about trans people, especially those transitioning from male to female. In their fanatical imaginations, women’s … Read more

America, Land of the Unbelievers

Year after year, traditional religious beliefs continue to show a steady decline in the United States. According to the latest Gallup Values ​​and Beliefs Poll, 81% of American adults believe in God, a record low. That’s down 6 percentage points since Gallup’s last poll in 2017, which found that 87 percent of respondents affirmed their … Read more

A Muslim woman’s take on overturning Roe v. Wade

Afroze Zaidi argues that Muslim support for the overthrow of Roe v. Wade is in line with white supremacist supporters seeking to reverse the “replacement” of the white American majority and Muslim genocide. Using Islam as an excuse made it worse. Afroze Zaidi writes that banning abortions won’t stop them — it’ll just lead people … Read more