Call of Duty needs to bring back the stakes game

call of Duty Black Ops It’s one of the most popular pieces in the series for a number of reasons. It featured an influential event featuring characters like Frank Woods and a twist that is still talked about today. Its zombie version made the mode mainstream, and maps like Kino Der Toten and Ascension became instantly iconic. As for multiplayer, the game features one of the best lineups of weapons and maps the series has ever seen, ensuring that all three of its core experiences are a hit.

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In addition to classic maps like Nuketown, Summit, and Firing Range, multiplayer fans can also take part in staking matches. These staking games are variants of party games such as Sticks and Stones, One in the Chamber and Gun Game, the main difference being that players have to put in some COD points. While some changes may be needed to justify a return to betting competitions in modern games, the system deserves a return as it makes party games more intense.

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Why betting matches need to be adjusted

Back in 2010, COD points meant something completely different than they do now.exist call of Duty Black Ops, COD Points are an in-game currency that cannot be unlocked by spending real world money, they are used to purchase cosmetic items in the game. From weapon camouflages to calling cards, players have always needed COD points, which can be earned through natural play – or more through wagering matches. By winning staking matches, players can earn COD points from other players to earn in-game money faster to buy things like golden weapon camos.

In 2022, COD points are the main form of microtransactions call-of-duty series. Players use COD Points to purchase Battle Passes and bundles from the in-game marketplace. While it might be interesting to see the new COD points used in betting matches, as it makes things even more high rollers, this can be considered a real gamble as players will be putting paid currency on the line. However, there are other ways to try betting on the game again.

Potential replacement for COD points in the new bet matching system

Returns if the bet matches Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Or another upcoming game where they could see players gamble with their cosmetic items. Players can place their hard-earned calling cards online, for example, to choose which cards they want to grab. If they lose, they may need to unlock the lost calling card again, although the top three players can keep their cards while choosing other calling cards that are already online. For staking games, badges would be an equally viable option.

Weapon blueprints are another valid option, mostly due to a trade mechanic leaked Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 already. If Activision and Infinity Ward were willing to let players swap weapon blueprints with each other, it wouldn’t be much of a leap to let them gamble with them via staking matches. Players can place their blueprints on the line when entering a betting match, and at the end participants can choose their blueprints. 1st place will keep the item they bet on and can choose among all other items in the prize pool, the order of selection depends on the position in the game.

Operator skins are another possible betting item, ensuring there are many ways to resume betting on matches. While using COD points again can be controversial since gamers are basically betting real money, betting on items that have already been unlocked can be a good option.While there should always be a normal party game playlist for those wanting some casual fun, those wanting to play some high-stakes wagering games shouldn’t go back to a largely uninhabited place call-of-duty 2010 title.

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