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Moneymaker leads girls through Huntington; boy knocked out by Kent Island

Nelson Coffin

Hereford’s Lindsey Moneymaker didn’t allow Huntington senior Jewell Horsman’s stellar goalkeeping to get her out of the Class 2A women’s hockey state semifinal Friday night at Wheaton High School.

“Nothing bothers Lindsay,” Hereford coach Kelly Swift said. “She’s going to keep going until she puts that ball in the cage.”

Hereford sophomore midfielder Lindsey Mommek scored a career-high seven goals for the Bulls in a 14- 6 beat Huntington.

Despite Housman’s 10 saves, Moneymaker scored early and often in a 14-6 victory over the 16th-ranked Bulls, which will be on Tuesday or Wednesday at Loyola, Maryland’s Ridley Sports The center faces off against the No. 6 Century team.

“This game is very important,” Moneymaker said after scoring a career-high seven goals in a win over a good goalkeeper. “I just wanted to disguise her.”

At halftime, Hereford (15-1) only had a narrow 6-4 advantage to hear it from Swift at halftime, improving his field goal percentage in the second half.

“Their goalkeepers did a fantastic job,” Swift said of Horsman, who made a game-high eight of 10 saves in the first half. “But I set them on fire at halftime. I said, ‘You all know how to shoot, and you’ll change — now.'”

Moneymaker has adjusted her goals, scoring four goals before halftime, with senior midfielder Jordan Peterson and sophomore midfielder Maya Antonakas in the second quarter. After pushing the pad to 9-4 with a goal, she added her fifth goal with 16:41 remaining.

Freshman midfielder Cam Kaufman then swiped a clearance and scored before Moneymaker whipped her sixth goal to make it 11-4.

“It was our best re-defense effort of the season,” Swift said, also praising Peterson’s excellent work on tie control.

Huntingtown coach Maggie Pike said her team didn’t expect such a fierce re-defense.

“We don’t see much of this in the league,” she said.

She added that her defence was overworked given how much time Hereford had on the ball.

It felt like the Bulls “had the ball in 45 of the 50 minutes,” Parker said.

Sophomore attacker Kennedy Ziegler entered Hereford’s scoring act, followed by Moneymaker’s final marker.

Another sophomore attacker, Maddie Fuller, scored for the Bulls with 2:5 left.

The Hurricanes (14-5) ended a 26-minute scoring drought when Hannah Scheimer scored her fourth goal with 10 seconds left and Linz Perenski ( Lyndzy Pelensky) to score.

In the Boys’ game, Kent Island retaliated heavily against No. 13 Hereford (13-4), a year after bowing to Baltimore County 5-4 in last year’s 2A, the Bulls defeated the Bulls 13-3 in the final.

Despite gaining an advantage last June, Hereford never seem to have played against the Bucs from Kent this time around.

The closest the Bulls came was when senior midfielder Ryan Martino rushed past a guard and shot from a high post to cut Kent Island’s lead to 2-1 with 3:43 left in the first quarter.

It only closed the deficit to 8-2 when senior linebacker Austin Clark scored on a coast-to-coast bolt from the defensive end early in the third quarter from within 9 yards of the goal.

Hereford boys hockey coach Kyle Lepert paced the sidelines, looking for a way to kickstart the offense in a 13-3 state semifinal loss to Kent Island.

The strike by teenage attacker Baylor Davis after picking up a loose ball was the final counter-attack for the Bulls, who were shut out in the final 15:39.

The Buccaneers were led by senior attacker Jamie Smith, who scored six goals – including the final three of the game.

“They’re everything we see in the movie and more,” Hereford coach Kyle Lepert said. “They were 10 percent better than we thought. We didn’t have many chances to score, and when we did, they made saves. It was a tough combination for us.”

Even so, Lepert said he likes the Bulls’ performance this season.

“After playing just one game a week last season, they face a lot of new challenges this season – more games and tougher opponents. It’s something they should be proud of seeing them go through the season like they did matter.”

Class 2A Men’s Hockey State Semifinals
(at Wheaton High School)

Kent 13, NO. 13 Helford 3

Hereford 1 0 2 0 — 3
Kent 4 3 2 4 — 13

Target: Hereford – Ryan Martino, Austin Clark, Baylor Davis; Kent Island – Jamie Smith 6, Brady Tubman 3, Nathaniel Kratoville 2, Jack Creighton, Ryan Swedek.
assist: Kent Island – Brady Tubman 4, Michael Ruffenach, Nathaniel Kratowell, Owen Winault.
save: Hereford – Cole Jedlicka 7; Kent Island – N/A 7.

Class 2A Women’s Lacrosse State Semifinals
(at Wheaton High School)

16 14 Hereford, 6 Huntington

Hereford 6 8 — 14
Huntington 4 2 — 6

Target: Hereford-Lindsey Moneymaker 7, Jordan Peterson 2, Madison Izzo, Maddie Fuller, Kennedy Ziegler, Maya Antonakas, Cam Kauffman; Huntington; Hannah Scheimer 4, Chloe Zeruto, Lyndzy Pelensky.
assist: Hereford-Jordan Peterson, Maya Antonakas, Cam Kaufman; Huntington-Lily Greenwell.
save: Hereford – MK McGonigle 2; Huntingtown – Jewel Horsman 10.

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