Black Adam’s Strengths and Weaknesses, Explained

black adamDerivatives Shazam!, will be released on October 21, 2022. In fact, black adam It’s the closest thing to an upcoming DC Extended Universe (DCEU) movie, and the first since 2021’s Suicide Squad. Dwayne Johnson will play the main antihero, Teth-Adam (aka Black Adam). Shazam developed since 2014! Start first.he should have initially been Shazam! With Zachary Levi’s Shazam.

However, the studio became concerned about having a hero and an antihero in the same movie. They also worried about cramming two big names and the same two big stars — Levi and Johnson — into the same movie. So they decided to make two separate films so that each character could be properly developed. Despite the different origin story movies, the two will definitely meet on the silver screen in the future.

In the film, Black Adam is released after serving 5,000 years in prison and ready to use his power in the name of justice. While Black Adam has a history of going back and forth between villains and anti-heroes, he has always been the nemesis of Shazam and the entire Shazam family. To understand what it means for him to be in the DCEU, we have to understand the extent of his powers and weaknesses.

What is Black Adam’s power?

Sometimes super villain sometimes antihero Black Adam
(DC Comics)

Black Adam is the perfect nemesis for Shazam, as they both derive their powers from the same source. An ancient Egyptian, Tes-Adam was chosen by the wizard Shazam as his successor. Every time he says “Shazam”, he becomes Adam Almighty and possesses similar powers to Shazam. The main difference is that Shazam has the powers of six mostly Greek gods, while Black Adam has the powers of the six Egyptian gods listed below.


The power Black Adam received from Shu made him immortal. He has never-ending stamina and extreme durability. He can survive without eating, sleeping, or breathing, and has a superhuman advantage in all sports.


Black Adam draws great speed from the god Horus. Black Adam can travel at superhuman speeds on Earth and in space, whether running or flying. On Earth, he can travel at Mach 500, which basically means he can travel 500 times faster than the speed of sound.


Black Adam draws his superhuman powers from the god Amun. He can bend steel with his bare hands, lift 100,000 tons, and generate shock waves just by clapping his hands. He’s at least as strong as Superman and Shazam, maybe even more.


Black Adam also possesses the wisdom of Zehuti, with superhuman wisdom. Black Adam has access to a wealth of facts and knowledge, can speak or understand almost any language, and receive guidance and advice from Zehuti.


It was Aten’s power that fueled the magical lightning that Adam used to transform. In addition, it further elevates his superhuman strength to god-like levels. Black Adam can also use his lightning as a weapon, or for interdimensional travel or time travel. It also provides resistance to most magical spells.


Black Adam also possesses Mehern’s courage, which gives him great spiritual strength. This gave him inner strength, perseverance, willpower and extreme self-discipline. He has little fear, so he never backs down from a challenge. Essentially, if his stamina weakens, he has inner strength to draw strength from that keeps him going.

Greek or Egyptian?

Black Adam originally got his powers from the Egyptian gods. However, some comic book versions have him drawing inspiration from Greek gods, like Shazam. In those versions, his powers are the same as Shazam’s, and they draw their powers from the same six deities. Despite switching between these power sources, it appears the film will stick to his original storyline and utilize the Egyptian pantheon.

What is Black Adam’s weakness?

Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam
(Warner Bros.)

Black Adam’s extraordinary powers make him one of the most ferocious forces in the DC Universe. He really has it all – immortality, strength, speed, intelligence, interdimensional travel and courage. Essentially, he possesses superman-like powers, but lacks binding, which makes him extremely dangerous. Despite such high strength, Black Adam still has weaknesses.

Black Adam’s main weaknesses are magic, thunderbolt and his alter ego. As mentioned above, Black Adam’s thunderbolt makes him immune to some magic, but not all. Black Adam could be killed by the most powerful magic. In addition, lightning, although synonymous with his identity, can be used for him, but it can also be used against him. Lightning attacks can weaken or damage Black Adam, which is why Shazam has proven to be a formidable foe.

In the end, Black Adam’s biggest weakness might be Seth Adam. When he didn’t become Heya, Seth Adam was a simple mortal with no superhuman abilities. He could easily be taken away in his mortal alter ego if somehow prevented from transforming or being caught off guard.

(Feature image: Warner Bros.)

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