Black Adam Trailer – First Look at Dwayne Johnson DC Movie

black adam Probably the upcoming DC movie we know best thanks to Dwayne Johnson’s signature lengthy Instagram post, but we don’t see that much in terms of footage.

up to now. Only Johnson posted the full trailer in his iconic social media post.

You can watch it above, or check it out again here:

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The caption he posted for the actual trailer on Instagram was far more discreet than teasing. He wrote: “As promised, our world premiere @blackadammovie trailer. This passionate project has become in my DNA and the hierarchy of power in the DC Universe will change.

“The world needs a hero. It got BLACK ADAM⚡️ rage.”

A previous post teasing the premiere of the trailer read: “This is my second film with director Jaume Collet-Serra. Our first collaboration was jungle cruise, so we like to swagger for our global audience. He always finds heart and soul in our stories. mana.

“In 2018, we agreed to let black adam Co-creating a new paradigm of antiheroes. Jaume says ‘let’s do it black adam This Dirty Harry (Dirty Raven All superheroes and some supervillains. A ruthless, unstoppable God who lives in a way that protects his family and premiere trailer black adam Dropped on June 8th. ”

DC Comics

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Johnson’s antihero is basically the evil version of Shazam, and the actor joked that he might one day face off with Superman, which isn’t as one-sided as you might think, since one of Superman’s weaknesses is magic, which Black Adam uses.

“I don’t know who that Superman is going to be, and I don’t know who’s going to play him,” Johnson said. “It’s okay. I don’t need to know right now. But I’m confident that I know it. It’s based on what the fans want.”

black adam It’s set to hit theaters on October 21.

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